Seawolves takeover Epicenter

Wednesday night went off with a bang, as the students of Sonoma State University enjoyed a night of tremendous fun and excitement at Santa Rosa’s very own Epicenter. Dubbed “The Seawolf Takeover”, the $18 million dollar sports and entertainment complex opened their doors to students to enjoy a night of complimentary fun and exploration as a kick-off to the new semester.

From 9 p.m. until midnight, interactive 3D zombie rides, upscale bowling, laser tag, and arcade games kept students busy. If games weren’t desired, a trampoline park was available for all acrobatic joys.

“We wanted to focus on creating a place for all students to come to, a place to have fun art that doesn’t solely rely on alcohol to have a good time," said senior management Ryan Porter.

To add even more entertainment, Epicenter rolled out karaoke for additional fun throughout the night. AS President  Wilson Hall and duet partner Jeaneia Arciaga took advantage and paired up to sing an upbeat duet of T-Pain’s “Bartender;" a fun and riveting performance that had the crowd singing along.

Epicenter also houses  its own restaurants, soccer fields, and a 24 hour gym, truly making it  a place for all ages to enjoy.  

With its overall success, the Epicenter has informed that they will be offering value passes throughout the school year. This will give students a chance to have a place to go to when they need a night away from their studies. and all the laughter and fun to be had just proves that the center is not just restricted to children There's much to see, explore and experience at the center; and with discounted prices, more epic nights are to come.