Yiayia’s The Grateful Greek

When planning on somewhere to eat, people usually stick to restaurants or fast food joints that they enjoy and know the menu, rather than exploring something new. All around Sonoma State there are many hole-in the-wall restaurants that go unnoticed. If we take a close look we can uncover a new place to get food, one being Yiayia’s The Grateful Greek. This is a family-owned Greek-American restaurant owned by Tom Adams and Dr. Thea Robb, between a pub and hair salon in the City of Pennegrove.

They you feel very welcomed the second you step foot into the restaurant, as if you are a family member walking into their kitchen. Right past the counter you immediately spot the kitchen right behind, bringing a homey ambiance to the environment. Paying is done at the counter with the menu displayed above.

The menu has an array of Greek foods ranging from gyros (lamb and beef, yogurt sauce and caramelized onions and tomatoes on pita bread) to sausage sandwiches to fries (plain, greek or garlic). It is difficult to decide what to get as everything sounds delicious and makes you want to order the whole menu. Having endless options will have people coming back for more to try a different dish each time, with every dish having a unique name.  

According to Sonoma Magazine, “Each of the menu items is named after a family member — from Brother Bill’s GBLT, Greek bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich, (favored by Tom’s Penngrove firefighter brother) to Tom’s Burger, Thea says her husband eats at least six a week and demanded there be one on the menu to Popi’s Flaming Cheese, named for grandma.”

The Sir Christo’s The Grateful Greek Gyro ($9.95) is a highly recommended choice as it is a staple in any Greek restaurant. The fries are a must try as a side dish to your meal, and you can get it three different ways: Plain Jane ($3.75), Greek and Garlic (both $4.75). These are great dishes to make into a full and filling meal.

The prices of these dishes are college friendly and will have you coming back for more with friends or even for a date. Everything on the menu is under $10 and would not leave you hungry-- only for another visit.

Dayna Pang, a fourth year at Sonoma State University said, “It was great reasonably priced traditional Greek food with very fast service! I loved seating outside, the ambiance was such a small historic town feel. You can tell everything is made from love here, they literally put a heart with a signature on the wrapping paper of the tray.”

You have the option to dine in or to take out your order, if you decide to dine in you can sit next door inside the pub (only if 21+) and grab some drinks with your friends or you can sit outside on their patio. Dining in in either locations, they will bring you your food quickly and will check up on you to see how the food tastes and if you need anything.  

Kristen Rapin, a senior at Sonoma State University said, “It was nice to see how much they cared for me and their customers. They provided excellent service and me and my friends and will definitely be returning.”

Stop by this restaurant the next time you’re in Pennegrove for lunch or dinner, especially if you’re in a rush to class, the service will not disappoint. Follow them on their Instagram account to check out their menu and different food pictures @thegratefulgreek.