Restaurant of the Week: Café de Croissants

You have probably driven past the little hut located in the Raley’s Shopping Center thousands of times, never looking twice as to what it might be. It’s in an unusual spot for a drive-thru cafe, yet you can find the tan and blue hut in the middle of the parking lot. This hidden gem is the place for quick, cheap, and a delicious bite to eat. With surrounding locations in Santa Rosa, Petaluma and Sebastopol; it’s perfect at anytime of the day.

Cafe des Croissants gives the option to either dine in or drive through, it’s the best of both worlds. Nick Mainaga, an Economics major at Sonoma State University states, “this place is bomb! I like to drive through so I can enjoy the food at home. I found Cafe des Croissant my sophomore year and I still go on the regular.” 

Their actual restaurant is just to the right of Raleys which can be hard to miss, but if you have the time, dining in is the best option. It’s a casual set up where you can either seat yourself or order up front and take it home.

 As you walk in, you’re immediately welcomed with radiant energy. The genuine employees make your experience more enjoyable due to their exceptional service. As for the seating, it’s quite small with only a handful booths and a selection of tables it, but still able to not feel cramped and on a sunny day there’s outdoor arrangements available. If you’re in a rush, or feeling lazy the drive through is a convenient way to enjoy some of their delicious food.  

Besides the convenience of their restaurant, they provide a diverse menu. Ranging from different croissant flavors to even croissant sandwiches, they also serve egg sandwiches, a buy 5 get 1 free bagel selection, salads, burgers, burritos and the list goes on. 

Jena Plasmyer, a fourth year at Sonoma State University said, “I can always count on Cafe des Croissants to make a appetizing and inexpensive meal. I love their Jalapeno Sausage sandwich, it’s the perfect amount of spiciness.”
      Not to mention, their fresh squeezed orange juice, homemade smoothies, coffee, tea, and soda. Their coffee and smoothies are favored by many, it’s a must have.

As if you thought it couldn’t get better? Their pricing is excellent especially for a college diet. Inside it’s a guarantee you won’t be paying more than $14 for a meal. As for their drive through, each item is less than eight dollars.  

Although everything on the menu is very satisfying, the egg sandwiches are a must have. The Great Santa Rosa ($4.49) comes with your choice of either sliced bread, a bagel, or a croissant. The flaky warm croissant typically pairs nicely with the ham, egg, american cheese topped with their thick cut smoked bacon.
      You would have never guessed this savory meal was only five dollars. If you have a sweet tooth their specialty crepes ($9) are to die for. The SouthBay Style crepe is filled with nutella and freshly cut bananas, with drizzled nutella and shavings of coconut to top it off. It’s something that continuously melts in your mouth up until your last bite.
     Their breakfast wraps are definitely something to not look past. They may look like simple breakfast burritos but they are truly delightful and only costing $6.25 or less. 

 Next time you’re in the Raley’s shopping center, give Cafe des Croissants a try. You’ll always have exceptional service and an appetizing meal. Whether you drive through or decide to dine in, it will be an experience you won’t regret.