'Super Mario Party' tests skills and friendships

Let’s switch to party mode with family and friends as Nintendo cranks up the volume from the memorable Mario Party series. The impressively titled, “Super Mario Party,” is one of the newest installments to the Nintendo Switch that will not only test your skills but your friendships.

This is a four-player game that has four different storyboards to choose from. Based on the number of dice you throw, you can navigate through the digital board, similar to monopoly, to achieve the most stars. Coins are given based on the spots you land on and by skill-based miniature games played after each round, so as to obtain enough coins to be able to purchase the stars and items placed throughout the game.

“Super Mario Party” is a fantastic social game for friends, roommates and family, or if you prefer to play solo, a great single player mode. This game is great for occasional video game players as it is loaded with simple instructions that are easy to follow.

From the many options to choose from, you can decide how long the game can run based on the amount of turns that you pick are perfect that can even make playing a quick game before class possible. Additional features of “Super Mario Party” is where teamwork is vital for success. Within each mode, 80 miniature games can be chosen from so there is never a feeling of repetitiveness throughout your gameplay, which is important to advance in the story and collect stars.

Classic and beloved characters from the “Mario Party” series such as Luigi, Yoshi, and Bowser return to the game. A new addition to the game is that the characters are given specific options bringing more variety and random dice rolls to the board for better results and chances.

Be cautious when playing, as this game can raise tensions and bring on frustration between you and your friends and family as someone dominates the board by gaining most of the stars. The single player mode is a great option to avoid feuding. There is also the feature of online mode to play with strangers, offered for the first time by the “Mario Party” series.

According to Paste Magazine, “Mario Party” can be calming when playing alone versus playing with others, as there can be anger in the playing environment when a human player steals a star, or even has plans from the start to sabotage.

According to Polygon, there is a discount when “Super Mario Party” and a pair of Joy-Cons controllers are purchased together.

This is a great deal to take advantage of as the holidays are approaching. Joy-Cons, the controllers for the Nintendo Switch, will be available in neon green and neon yellow, making multiplayer easier. During your holiday shopping, picking this up for a friend, roommate, family member or even yourself is highly recommended. You will not want to put it down.

Nintendo plans to release new games in the future including, ”Let’s Go Pikachu” and “Let’s Go Eevee”, as well as “Ultimate Super Smash Bros”, which is another Nintendo classic that you may have played as a kid. Just remember that you can never be too old to play video games, especially the nostalgic ones.