A Hidden Treasure among downtown Santa Rosa

A hidden treasure located in old courthouse square, Santa Rosa. Perch and Plow seems to be a small and funky venue from the streetside, however you are delighted as you walk up the stairs into a beautiful, charming and cozy space.

With an evolving menu and historic location, Perch and Plow is the next best spot in downtown Santa Rosa to indulge in locally sourced food, warming cocktails, and exquisite food.

One of the many amazing aspects about Perch and Plow is its versatility. Right off the bat, you are welcomed by the hostesses. This restaurant and cocktail bar is the perfect place for walk in’s or if you want to plan a nice sit down meal. 

You have the choice of seating yourself at either the bar serving drinks or the bar overlooking courthouse square with a view of the grand Empire Building and clock tower and delightfully decorated giant Christmas tree.

The atmosphere is modern, yet casual with sleek characteristics and an earthy vibe resulting from the numerous hanging plants around the room and natural wood walls, tables, and flooring. The murals on the walls are quite interesting and somewhat unfitting with a giant colorful octopus on one wall and an abstract design on the other. The dining room is separated by wood planks which absorbs sound to keep noise levels to a minimum because no one enjoys screaming at your dinner mate across the table.

What’s even better than the ambience, is the food. Their crispy house fries with truffle oil ($7) are mouthwatering, as is their house burger with bacon jam that has a unique sweet and savory finish to a perfectly cooked burger ($16). However their variety of plates and meals has something to please everyone. They’ve got snack plates, amazing raw fish options, fresh salads and small plates for those without a big appetite. They also have larplates with a variety of meat, fish, and vegetarian options, and of course a dessert menu for those indulging. The best part about the main courses are that they are not too large. The presentation is beautiful without it being an overwhelming amount of food that many American restaurants now cater to. The orecchietti pasta ($20) with crispy brussel sprout leaves and sausage, drizzled with pesto and topped with cheese is incredibly appetizing and the perfect portion of food; just enough to fill you up without putting you over the edge.

Although Perch and Plow is not necessarily within the college budget, their happy hour is one to fantasize over. With five dollar mouthwatering appetizers ranging from rock cod tacos with pineapple salsa and chipotle aioli, the cheesiest mac n cheese topped with bread crumbs, to a vegetable crudite, there is something for everyone on this l menu that won’t break the bank.

Not only is their happy hour food delicious, but their nearly half off drink menu is eye catching as well. Perch and Plow has a variety of unique house cocktails ranging from four to seven dollars. Cocktails ranging from a chamomile daiquiri, or a cucumber gimlet, for those wanting to change it up. Or familiar, such as a peach margarita, a manhattan or an old fashion. Grab a friend or many and head to Perch and Plow from 3 to 6 pm Monday through Friday and enjoy delectable food and tasty drinks for under 20 dollars.