Ariana Grande's music video does not dissapoint

Ariana Grande’s unexpected name dropping single, “Thank you, Next” released a jaw dropping, highly anticipated music video that is breaking the internet.
     After spending weeks of previewing fans with celebrity teasers and a trailer, it has finally arrived.

There are four iconic chick flicks with Grande playing the lead role.
     Grande’s favorite films from the early 2000’s inspired this music video combining “Mean Girls,” “Bring it On,” “Legally Blonde” and “13 Going on 30.”
   Each recreation pays homage to the originals with 15 celebrity cameos including some from the original cast of the movies and friends of hers.
      Hannah Lux David, the director who has worked alongside Grande directing “Bang Bang” and “Side to Side” is back with another smash hit and created a cinematic masterpiece.

“Mean Girls” sets the scene as the Plastics walk the halls with Grande’s former “Victorious” co-star Elizabeth Gillies portraying Cady Heron and original cast member Jonathan Bennett as his character, Aaron Samuels.
     It cuts to the next scene in the music video re-creating the iconic Jingle Bell Rock performance with the supportive mother, also known as the “cool mom”  in the crowd.
   The unexpected Kris Jenner, in a pink sweat suit recording the show.     
        The next scene showcases the iconic burn book where Grande shows respect towards her exes with comments displayed throughout.
     Most notable and laughable comment that was easy to miss on Pete Davidson’s page displays “Sorry I dipped” and “HUUUGEEE”.

The scene soon shifts to “Bring it On” where she is seen with another previous Victorious costar, Matt Bennett as they recreate the iconic brushing teeth scene, and a cheer performance where she creates an X formation in the routine while singing to about her exes.

Grande then gets into character for an emotional scene as Jennifer Garner did in “13 going on 30.”
     Grande recreated Matt’s wedding scene and reminisces over the magic doll house and lost love, showing exact emotions that were once experienced in the movie.

Lastly, Grande recreated “Legally Blonde.” Grande strolls down the street with her dog Bruiser, embodying Elle Woods in a similar outfit to the original film from the pink trench coat to the fury tops.
     Jennifer Coolidge makes a cameo, recreating her character Paulette Bonafonté, showing the iconic dance move the bend and snap incorporated into the choreography.

Youtube Sensations such as Gabi DeMartino, Troye Sivan and Colleen Ballinger were all shown in this music video, grabbing an even bigger demographic of watchers.

While pulling on the childhood nostalgic strings, Grande shows the importance of self-love and female empowerment.
      It is important to see this in music videos, as women are normally depicted to cater a man or for the male’s benefit.
      There was no romance depicted in the music video, which is significant to the heartbreak of Grande and how the characters in the various movies overcame it.