"Fifty Shades" trilogy ends on a stale note

The only thing liberating about “Fifty Shades Freed” was the sigh of relief fans felt when they got to leave their seats. Being such a loved series, it was hard to hate its last movie, as dedicated fans wanted to end on a good note.

The phenomenon started as best-selling novels that grabbed the attention of mostly women all around the world. The fan favorite casted two rather unknown actors, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, to play the rolls of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey to take on their passionate love story that started in Seattle, Washington.

After exchanging their vows at the altar, Mr. and Mrs. Grey set off on a luxurious honeymoon in Europe. From lavish dresses and jewelry to private jets and nude beaches, the couple consummated their marriage in style. However, their trip ends early when a person of their past returns to threaten their relationship and their perfect future.

A franchise that was notoriously known for its undeniable romance and erotisicim was quickly called out by fans when its expected abundance of sex scenes suddenly diminished in its latest film. Over the years critics have described its genre as romance drama. However, in “Fifty Shades Freed” the romance was totally lost. Rather than its basic storyline of finding love, facing hardships and recovery, fans were left catching their breath, and not because of the sex scenes.

“Freed” fit more in the category of action packed from its car chases, guns and fighting.

In the movie industry, it’s hard to get audiences into the theaters with the ongoing promise that they will be swept off of their feet. What was supposed to be an epic finale felt like a sense of relief. 

The soundtrack, however, picked up the slack, housing tracks such as “Capital Letters” by Hailee Steinfeld and “Heaven” by Julia Michaels that captured the desire, passion and obsession in the storyline. 

As for the role of Anastasia Steele; she spent more time in the driver’s seat in this film, both physically and figuratively. Steele wasn’t afraid jump into high speed pursuits, lie to her husband to protect the people she loved, and kick some butt.

For the part of Christian Grey; he seemed to have taken on a more sensitive role despite his manly demeanor in the past films. Now a married man, Grey shows his vulnerable side while cooking dinner, cracking jokes and shedding a few tears at his wife’s bedside. 

The “Fifty Shades” series introduced the world to the individual roles of a dominant and its submissive. In the first two films Anastasia Steele obeyed Christian Grey’s demands after signing the contract solidifying their relationship. 

However, throughout the trilogy Steele started to break free of her reigns once Grey started to trust her. “Freed” ended the series by changing their roles to a more substantial relationship where they both made the decision together.

The roles of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey will be missed but it’s best the story ended the way it did. Although it was the end to another well-known series, a sequel would have done the franchise no good.