Migos pushes boundaries in “Culture II”

This past year  was a monumental year for the Migos when their fame skyrocketed into the mainstream in only a couple of months. It was almost impossible not to hear “Raindrops, drop tops” overplaying out of car windows.  After their certified platinum studio album “Culture,” the trio shows why Atlanta is on top in the hip hop world. 

For months, Migos has been advertising their “Culture II” album through billboards, talk shows, radio shows, and on every social media platform. Twenty-four songs, 10 featured artists and multiple producers all combined into one album, had everyone fired up about the recent release. It’s only fitting that the release was on the anniversary of its preceder. 

The artists’ own culture and life influence “Culture II.” They take you on a journey through their lavish lifestyles and not-so-lavish-past. They’ve been through more than anyone can understand, growing up in a lifestyle directly opposite from what they’ve earned.

In the song “Made Men,” Takeoff raps  “Don’t ask about them whips and them houses and jewelry ‘Cause all that s*** be paid for.” They are finally financially secure and have ultimate freedom to spend money however they please. Whether it’s a new Lamborghini or eating at a five-star restaurant; the Migos have definitely been living it up since they made millions. 

They are “Made Men,” and are here to rap about it. Even though they are becoming more popular every day, blood bonds them together. Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle, while Offset and Quavo are cousins. They are inseparable and plan to stay that way through this rollercoaster of a life. 

The song “Gang Gang” is about their close relationship and how they are ultimately going to always rep the gang no matter what. “Crown The Kings” pays tribute to the grandfather of hip hop, reggae, which is the foundation and the reason we have hip hop today. They took a sample from Bob Marley’s “Get Up Stand Up” and incorporated it into the song. The depth and detail within “Culture II” sets a new level of unique. 

 The length of their album surprised Migos’ fans,  but it did not disappoint them. Finishing at 105 minutes, there is so much diversity on this one album it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy at least one song. From heavy rap to mellow verses, the possibilities are endless with the lyrical geniuses behind this new-found art. Drake, 21 Savage, Gucci Mane and Post Malone are only a few of the talented featured artists on the new project. Top producers include Metro Boomin, Kanye West, Zaytoven, Buddha Bless and Mike. 

In today’s music industry, especially rap, there are rarely small albums anymore. It’s either one or two hit songs released at a time or a full album usually consisting of 20 or more songs. Releasing only one or two songs at first is a successful tactic to hype up the fans before the complete album release. And with their trademark roles, Quavo bringing the swagger, Offset bringing the energy and Takeoff crafting one liners, the hype is real.  All of this combined makes an album that brings in many different audiences. 

Migos continues to exceed everyone’s expectations with new releases proving they are one of the best musical groups in the game. The way they bounce off each other when they rap is unseen and extremely different They are, and always will be, bona-fide “Supastars.”