Art department continues artist lecture series

Nine talented artists will be lecturing and showcasing their artwork throughout the  Spring semester at Sonoma State University. Completely free and located in the Green Music Center, the Instructionally Related Activities Fund of Sonoma State supports this program. With three artists completed and six more to go, there are plenty of opportunities for students and the public to attend these lectures.

Robert Miniervini kicked off the lecture series, followed by Syed Hosain and Katherine Sherwood. This week on Thursday, body cartography will be the main attraction at Sonoma State. Body cartography is a project solely focused on “engaging with the vital materiality of our bodies to create live performance that facilitates a re-enchantment of embodiment, relationship, and presence,” according to A version of public art that includes contemporary dance, body cartography has expanded to not only the U.S. but New Zealand, Norway, Russia, France, South America and the UK over the past 20 years. 

Jeffrey Braverman, from San Francisco, will focus on photography, art direction and digital photography on March 29. Braverman has spent over a decade managing, producing and directing visual content for certain brand campaigns shown on his website. He graduated with a major in photography from Pratt Institute and has an extreme range of experience on his resume. Multiple magazines have exhibited Braverman’s artwork such as Make magazine, San Francisco magazine, Forbes and more. Not only is it displayed in magazines, but through major companies like Equinox, AT&T, Levis etc. 

Lily Simonson, whose artwork consists of painted organisms in the newly discovered environment, will be hosting the lecture on April 12 in Schroeder Hall. On top of being a very talented artist, she explores and adventures through nature to get inspiration for her art. She even spent three months SCUBA diving and camping in Antarctica. Simonson graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a bachelor’s degree and continued on to receive her master’s degree in fine art from University of California, Los Angeles. Her art can be seen in exhibits throughout California, mostly in Los Angeles with a few in the Bay Area, including Berkeley. 

Born and raised in New York City, artist Damali Abrams will be leading the lecture on April 19. Her concentrate is on building experiences and spaces on fantasy, using expressions such as video installation, performances and collage. Abrams graduated from the prestigious New York University with a BA, followed by an MFA at Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has been in the industry since college, with most of her work housed in New York.

Ambivalently Yours is an anonymous online user whose purpose is to “facilitate the exploration of feminist convictions by embracing ambivalent emotions,” according to their website. Since 2011, Ambivalently Yours has expressed ambivalence through videos, sound sketches and illustrations leaving the public with a smile on their faces. On April 26, you can discover more information about the inspiring project.

On May 3, Valentina Barcelloni will be the guest lecturer of the evening. Barcelloni graduated from Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Val-de-Seine and is originally from Paris, France. She has been a research designer for Loewe, creative talent scouting intern for LVMH fashion division and more. Barcelloni not only has an extensive background of fashion, but said she also loves applied arts and cultural developments.

Beginning at noon in Schroeder Hall on their respective days, widen your artistic horizons with these free and creative showcases.