Post Malone's sophomore album follows features-filled trend

Everyone and their mom has heard “Rockstar” and Psycho” since they dropped in 2017 and 2018, respectively. However, Post Malone has shocked the world with the release of his new album, “beerbongs and bentleys.” In its first week, the album has already broken Spotify streaming records set by J. Cole’s “KOD.” Saying the emotions used in Malone’s album range wide would be an understatement. Malone dropped his debut album, “Stoney” in 2016. Fans have waited to see how he would follow up his success since the release of the title of his second album back in early 2017. After releasing two tracks included in the album, we knew he was coming out swinging.

“beerbongs and bentleys” has its fair share of tracks that help show off the benefits that come with the mass success he’s found. Tracks including “Takin’ Shots” and “Zack and Codeine,” where he describes part of his party lifestyle, are some of many in the rap genre that flaunt money and fame. Even though he bases the songs in a premise we’ve seen before, Malone doesn’t fail to put his own artistic touch on the tracks, making them easy favorites for spring and summer of 2018. On “Same B******,” Malone teams up with G-Eazy and YG for what could arguably be one of the album’s hottest tracks. The three put it all on the track and give fans a teamup they’ve been waiting for.

"beerbongs and bentlys" has been streamed over 48 million times in the U.S. alone, and over 78 million times worldwide. 

"beerbongs and bentlys" has been streamed over 48 million times in the U.S. alone, and over 78 million times worldwide. 

However, there are pieces that slow it down a bit so Malone can show us the pain and struggles that had faced him in his career and life. Tracks like “Blame It On Me,” “Rich and Sad” and “Paranoid” show you that behind all the partying and fame is a man who is not immune to finding pain in aspects of life. These dive into these aspects of his life, which many artists hide. His fans are able to connect with him on an emotional level that really creates an artist-fan bond.


Along with the usual popular track-making that all top artists have, Malone implements a variety of instruments and beats that make each song different from the last. On top of his wide-ranging beats, Malone displays a unique sense for lyricism which brings the listeners’ hooks that get stuck in their heads for days on end and can continue to be entertaining; as in the In the track “Candy Paint,” where he places the line “ I love paper like I’m Michael Scott.” This line is a tip of the hat to fans of the show “The Office,” which brings a smile to the face of almost any college-aged listener that is a fan of both the show and Malone.

Little things like interesting lines can make a song even better and make you want to re-listen to it over and over. Any fan of rap or just good music in general needs to give “beerbongs and bentleys” a listen.