Nicki Minaj's album sales not as expected for "Queen"

The long-anticipated fourth studio album from Nicki Minaj’s, Queen, arrived earlier this month. There have been many promotions for Queen starting as early as April with the lead single “Chun-Li.” To follow strongly behind, is her second single “Bed” featuring Ariana Grande. 

Minaj’s overall promotional lead single for the album is titled “Rich Sex” in collaboration with Lil Wayne. Many other artists have been featured on Queen including Eminem, The Weeknd and Tekashi 6ix9ine. Minaj debuted #2 following the lead of the album Astroworld by Travis Scott for Minaj’s first week of sales despite taking a break from releasing music. She has brought blame to Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott’s girlfriend, for promoting the tour and claiming she and Stormi will provide a meet-and-greet, ultimately leaving him at #1 for the second week since his release.

  Since the sales for this album have not been as expected, this has brought many to question if she has postponed her tour due to that reason. Minaj said on twitter to her fans, “… I must just have have three or more opening acts. This is all happening because I pushed my album back two months and I just finished writing and recording literally hours before the album came out. So now I simply just do not have the time to rehearse and be on the road to give you guys the level of a show I need to give.” Currently Nicki is doing what she can to bring the best tour worthwhile to her fans and having multiple openers will bring an ever stronger value to her show.

  Following about a week after her album release date, the VMA’s arrived where she won a Moonman award for the Best Hip Hop Video with “Chun-Lin” out beating The Carters, Cardi B, Drake and J. Cole. This award is such an honor to be nominated and her fans came through for her in receiving the award over the other artists. Despite leading at #2 in the charts, we clearly see that her fans are in full support of Minaj and her music. For her speech, Minaj strongly thanks her fans and everyone who has helped work and complete this album, including Ariana Grande.

Nicki Minaj brings a unique R&B vibe while incorporating her fast rapping style her fans know and love. The lyrics are all original, so her audience understands her disposition. Her beats are phenomenal, with a detailed charismatic harmony that makes you want to sing along. Her personality really projects through her work to provide a picture of loving the art and creating a fun music with songs like “Barbie Dreams” and “Fefe” with Tekashi6ix9ine.

  Many of Minaj’s fans on campus are taking a liking to her new album as well. According to a Sonoma State University senior, Dayna Pang said, “This album is very raw and true to herself. It was relaxing to hear something new for once. Definitely everyone should give this album a listen.” If you are a devoted rap fan, who also enjoys the beats influenced by pop and R&B Nicki Minaj’s Queen is the album to listen to.