"To all the boys I have loved before" just another teen romance?

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: heart fluttering, heart breaking and humorous all wrapped up within one hour and thirty-nine minutes. The Netflix original is a perfect mix between romance and comedy, making it light hearted for young adults to enjoy.
    As the title suggests, it is a love story between two high schoolers. After indulging in this romantic comedy, I couldn’t help but admit that I was captivated in this teenage romance.
    I personally would rate the Netflix original three out of five stars.

The main character, Lara Jean, is a high school student that describes herself as “invisible.”
     She finds herself in a situation she never expected to be in: her five secret love letters mysteriously get sent. Of course, like most teenagers, she believed it was the end of the world because two of the five love letters were received by two important boys. Josh, the ex-boyfriend of Lara Jeans oldest sister, Margot, who Lara Jean has always had a crush on. As well as Peter, the dreamy jock causing a complicated love story.
     A panicked kiss between Peter and Lara Jean kicks off the movie, creating a relationship based off lies and rules.
     The situation was not ideal, leading to the stories plot to build. Estranged and complicated feelings begin to form, fights brew between Josh and Peter and it all ending in a dreamy kiss between Lara Jean and the boy she wrote her love letter to. The film also displays a single father’s struggle of raising three girls, filling the void of a deceased mother. Sympathy begins to grow for him as you watch the father struggle to understand his teenage girls more than complicated relationships. 

  Confused with her feelings for both Josh and Peter, it caused her to break out of her innocence that is displayed throughout majority of the film.
      The internal struggles that she faced with surviving high school and solving her first “boy problem” made the movie relatable. Like Lara Jean, many have faced a complicated love life, or even trouble finding themselves throughout their school years. The film based off of a New York Times best-seller To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, captivates the audience. After watching the movie many were left in a positive mood, overly satisfied with the sappy love story ending. Giulia Chlarson, an avid Netflix binge watcher stated, “I loved it! I was in love with their secret relationship and all the drama and love that went into the whole movie.” 
     Although it was loved by many, every movie has it’s critics, Devon Szantos a student at Sonoma State University stated, “It was a cheesy rom-com that I always fall for. It, at times, was so cheesy that I couldn’t help but laugh, it almost ruined the movie for me.”
     Although Szantos response wasn’t what was expected Chlarson, along with many rom-com lovers, will be pleased with this movie.
      If you are looking for a cheesy teen romance then this is the movie for you! It will keep you interested with an estranged love triangle, as well as Lara Jean trying to find herself throughout the movie.
    Expect to be hit with the hunky one liners and the romantic, but awkward, eye contact that leads to a kiss.
     Spend a night in, with a bowl of buttery popcorn and get wrapped up in this teenage romantic comedy that you’ve been wanting to see.