Netflix Originals "Like Father"

Netflix’s new original film, “Like Father,” is a drama starring Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer. The film is one hour and 43 minutes long and will keep you completely hooked. The film is worth a watch if you’re looking for something to indulge in without having to go to theatres. It has a great mixture of laugh-out-loud comedy as well as some heart-wrenching drama.

After watching the Netflix original, I would rate it three out of five stars.

The story begins when the audience is introduced to a striking, hard-working blonde. Rachel, played by Kristen Bell, grabs the audience's attention when she is in the middle of her beautiful white wedding, but is left at the altar right before she says I do. Her soon-to-be husband realizes Rachel’s work life is more important than her love life.

As if getting left at the altar wasn’t hard enough, Harry, Rachel’s estranged father played by Kelsey Grammer, shows up unexpectedly. She hasn't seen or heard from him in years. Heartbroken, angry, and confused about her father’s return, Rachel decides a night out drinking with her father will help with the pain.

After many drinks, Rachel and Harry find themselves on a beautiful cruise that was prepaid for her honeymoon. While drunk the two believed this was a great idea, but once she comes back to her senses Rachel realizes this “honeymoon” is not what she wanted at all. Rachel’s desire to get off the boat is in full force.

Sailing across the sea, Harry decides this will be a great time to reconnect with his daughter and rebuild the relationship. Harry tries to be as positive as possible and is harshly rejected by his unhappy daughter. Throughout the movie viewers begin to feel for Harry and his efforts, but also understand Rachel’s frustrations. You may find yourself grabbing for more popcorn as their rocky relationship goes up and down, rooting for the father-daughter relationship to flourish.

The cast of the film grows while Harry and Rachel are onboard their tropical cruise, with Rachel adopting a love interest with well-known actor Seth Rogan. Rogan plays a role completely different from his usual raunchy comedies. Cast as a dorky, sensitive man, he falls into the arms of Rachel as they have a one-night stand that ends up leading to more.

Sonoma State University student, Amanda Endersby stated, “When he came into the movie I expected a completely different character, seeing him as the innocent, dorky guy was super surprising and hilarious.”  Endersby, along with others, recognized the well-known cast and appreciates them playing rolls that aren’t common to them. Bell, known for her sweetheart attitude, both on and offstage, plays a mean, hothead in “Like Father.”

While aboard, Harry and Rachel are accompanied by three other couples, that help make the movie. Sonoma State Junior, Brihana Marmol stated, “The couples that went on the boat with them literally made the movie for me, I loved their dynamic.”

“Like Father”, did a wonderful job of casting characters that reached all walks of life, bringing great comedy to the movie.

“Like Father” is a movie that you can watch and enjoy. A couple laughs and a few tear jerking moments will come with the Netflix original. When scrolling through Netflix’s new arrivals, know Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer are going to do a great job of keeping you involved and wanting to watch until the end.