Restaurant of the Week: The Drawing Board

A restaurant filled with creativity, excellent customer service as well as lick your plate clean type of food. The Drawing Board, located at 190 Kentucky St., Petaluma will give you a memorable experience. This local gem is a 20 minute drive down the road from Rohnert Park and is well worth it. Once entering this trendy spot, one will be impressed with the decor that decorates the walls of this small town restaurant.

The hours of operation are unusual and hours and days closed vary every week. That can be a turnoff for many customers due to them not wanting to have to see if The Drawing Board will be open. Many restaurants don’t follow this unusual schedule, this can lead customers to want to choose another eatery over this one. It can be a turnoff to some but it is well worth the visit.

The restaurant has two menus, one for daytime and one for dinner. Both menus offering great descriptions of how they are a different type of eatery. They create “feel good” food that will fill your stomach with homegrown cuisine that is simply made and created with love, they go through great efforts to give their customers the best.

Lauren Costello, a sophomore at Sonoma State University stated, “I would eat here again in a heartbeat, the restaurant itself was gorgeous and you can tell the food is made with good products.” Many like Costello agree, the restaurant brings in many customers and many of them leave with only positive reviews. The Drawing Board has been given a four out of five star rating on Yelp.

Not only is the food exquisite, but the large drink menu that they offer is filled with creative options. The eatery appreciates medicinal history of spiritual cocktails. Striving to make their drinks different from others, many of their drinks incorporate teas, herbs, tinctures and many other fresh ingredients. The efforts behind each beverage is to give the customer a libation experience. Majority of the plates filled with color and aromas that make your mouth water. Jessica Campigli, graduate of Sonoma State University stated, “The alcoholic beverages they serve are so fresh and have so many flavors. I can’t wait to try the other drinks that they make.”

The environment that The Drawing Board exuberates is an upbeat and positive setting. The waiter asking positively how everyone’s day had gone and if this was our first time at the restaurant. The dinner menu giving ample amount of drink and dinner options as well as shareable plates, and snacks if one isn’t hungry enough for a full meal. When ordering you will be overwhelmed with many options and will find it hard to choose between just one meal.

The Drawing Board not only serves drinks and plates that will make you be a loyal customer but also the ambience will make the restaurant even better. It is an open setting and not too cramped, there is enough room where you don’t feel like your sitting in on the table next to yours. Brick walls and white walls make the restaurant feel open and inviting and to make it even better there is plants hanging from the ceiling to catch one's attention. Bar seating is available to customers, as well as a great view of the bar. Filled with dozens of liquors and giving off a vintage vibe.

This 100 percent locally owned restaurant is worth taking the trip to Petaluma to go dine. The Drawing Board gratefully accepts any gratitude as well as criticism towards the restaurant due to them being a relatively new business.

This apothecary style restaurant is an experience and won’t be a disappointment. Next time you are looking for a new place to give your business give this locally owned restaurant a visit!