Taylor Swifts contract up for bid

This upcoming November, Taylor Swift’s contract is expiring with Big Machine Records leaving her fans curious as to what her next step is as an artist. The multi-millionaire superstar will soon be a free agent in the music industry and has the potential to build one of the largest recording contracts in the industry.

There are a series of decisions ahead for Swift once her record deal expires. Big Machine will renegotiate the best deal possible as they would want her to remain on the label. Major changes are to occur if she continues to contract with Big Machine as she is battling to get the rights of her music that she has currently written since the age of 15 and to gain the rights of any upcoming music. Moving to another large record label, like Sony Music Entertainment or Warner Music group, are other options but it will raise competition between other big artists like Beyonce or Ed Sheeran. Lastly, the opportunity that she has is to become an independent artist without a label. Swift can attest to her long career and breaking records that she would no longer need support of a larger record label to promote her sales. She can do it all on her own with her outstanding team. Being one of the top recording artists in the music industry, as well as being an original song writer, brings more power her way. Which is why being an independent would be the best decision.

Swift will have to negotiate the rights to her songs as they are currently owned by Big Machine Records. Any artist with as large of a following should own all their art, the ownership of the copyright. This issue will be brought to the table when negotiating a new contract with Big Machine or a different record label. According to an article with Variety, Swift brings in around 80% of Big Machines revenue, so if she leaves will the company thrive? Not necessarily. There are still other outperforming artists such as, Georgia Florida Lines, and Tim McGraw to bring in money, after all this is an independent company soon parting way with the Universal Music Group.

If she does contract a record deal, regardless of who it is, she could get up to more than $20 million per album according to Vanity Fair. This could be record breaking and could potentially be the deal of the century. Fans are anxiously waiting for a statement as to whether she will renew or renegotiate a contract with Big Machine Records or not. She currently has met with several labels but can only negotiate as she has to wait for November when the contract officially expires to release her decision.

This brings up the issue of her style of music. Negotiating a better contract or becoming an artist with no label might allow her to bring more freedom to her work. She could have the choice to choose the direction that she wants to go with her music to go. A Taylor Swift loving fan, Roberto Mendez stated, “I am excited to see hear upcoming work! I know whatever decision she makes will be the best for her.”

Being a super star brings perks when it comes to making deals and fans are eager for her decision. An artist having freedom is indeed important plus this could bring a whole new side of Swift that has not been explored. Her style of music could change again or evolve. She could possibly return to her country or continue to follow pop. The collaborations with artists of different genres could increase as well, to also broaden her style and have her develop as an artist.