Wine Sense: The SSU Wine club fruitful with educational opportunity

Students of age across Sonoma State have a palatable opportunity at their grasp: with a wine glass in hand, students can expand their knowledge and entertain themselves with a wine tasting from the most renowned and local wineries in Sonoma County through Wine Sense, the SSU Wine club. 

Wine Sense is Sonoma State University’s student-run club that provides the opportunity to explore and indulge in sweet, tart or bubbly wine while learning from a wine educator. However, Wine Sense is an exclusive and elite opportunity for wine admirers. Having only thirty spots open per meeting, students will want to make sure to R.S.V.P. before the chance is missed. 

The club’s Vice President, Madisen Essinger, says, “joining this organization has given me the opportunity to become a tasting room associate at Chalk Hill Estate Winery. This position has opened new doors for me and established great connections within the wine community. I’m so thankful to have discovered Wine Sense.”

Each meeting the club brings in an experienced wine educator to allow a glimpse into what his or her winery is all about. This educator’s job is to cultivate knowledge among students on specific wine techniques, featured wines, and the winery itself. During this informational period, a tasting of three to four wines will be conducted. Students can sip from a glass of the provided varieties as well as devour creamy cheeses, refreshing fruits, and sweet chocolate as they evaluate their tasting on the form provided. The evaluation in which the students will be a part of is designed to focus on four main points: intensity, smell, color and taste (acidity, tannin, alcohol, body).

At the end of the meeting, students will not only have educated themselves on the featured wines, but have the opportunity to participate in a short quiz and win a free bottle of wine.

Wine Sense also gives students the opportunity to connect with individuals who are well-versed in the wine world as well as those with experience involving the ins and outs of wineries. Job opportunities are marketed throughout the semester at select meetings, giving students exposure that would not be afforded otherwise. These opportunities could possibly lead students to be recruited and start their new journey in the wine industry. Luckily for the students of Sonoma State, Wine Sense is open to those of all majors, giving everyone the ability to participate.

Although students may not desire to become a tasting room associate or harvester, many wineries are searching for students wanting to work in fields such as: public relations, marketing, events, arts and more. 

Interested? Hop onto this amazing opportunity along with your peers and see what new doors could open for you. There’s only three club meetings left of the semester: Oct. 17 with Roth Winery presenting, Oct. 24 with Zo Winery presenting and Nov. 17th, where Chateau Montalena will be presenting. 

A pre-set schedule of the meetings are sent out at the beginning of the semester to those on the Wine Sense email list. However, for newcomers interested in joining, follow the club’s Instagram @winesense to keep posted on meetings and events. Students can join the email list after attending their first meeting. Once joined, an email will be sent out on the week of a featured meeting for all details. Remember, Wine Sense is an exclusive club for Sonoma State students and only a maximum of thirty students can attend a meeting. It is first come first serve so be sure to R.S.V.P. through email or Instagram for a chance to experience the palatable benefits of Wine Sense.