Seawolf Speak!: “What song or album is going to help you get through finals?”

“What song or album is going to help you get through finals?”

As the end of the semester quickly nears, Sonoma State University students feel the rising tension as they begin to prepare for finals. Whether a freshman or super senior, the threat of overworked all-nighters looms near.

This time of the year can bring tremendous amounts of stress and anxiety to students. Many people have different methods of coping with stress and different ways of meditation. However, a large population of Seawolves see themselves turn ing to something we overlook everyday, music.

Music is a great for people to escape from reality and the hardships they’re dealing with and gain some peace of mind. Around Sonoma State, students have found music to be their outlet after a long class or a full day of studying. 


“‘What Time Is It’ from ‘High School Musical 2,’ because it captures the excitement summer brings.”

-Anoosha Chari 


“‘Shoot to Thrill’ by AC/DC, because it pumps me up and keeps me motivated especially through the trying times of finals.”

-Ava Garcia


“‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor will get me through finals, because when I feel like giving up, it reminds myself that I will survive.”

-Carson Fields


“I will be listening to ‘Party in the USA’ by Miley Cyrus, because I will be dancing my way through finals.”

-Reagan Chambers


“Definitely the new Khalid album ‘Free Spirit,’ because he’s amazing and gets me through everything.”

-Lily Dutra


“P-Lo’s ‘More Than Anything,’ because it’s a classic, and I’m trying to pass more than anything.”

-Luis Barajas