Disney announces their streaming platform

Disney has just released their new streaming service that will compete with Netflix, HBO and soon, Apple TV+. It has been announced that it will be called Disney+  which is set to debut on Nov. 12 in the United States.

The company has revealed its pricing at $7 a month. This price is lower than what the consumers anticipated, which could make the consumers more likely to add another subscription to their monthly bill. There will be an option to purchase a monthly subscription for $69.99 a year, which is an alternative that will have you saving money.

Disney+ will be your source to watch all your favorite Disney films and shows. Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic will now be in one place. The older films that are more difficult to find will finally be featured on Disney+. Disney’s large library collection will all be up over time, not when initially signing up for the service on its’ debut.

In the first year of Disney+ it is expected to include 25 original series, 10 original films and specials, 500 films and 7,500 episodes of current and past TV shows, according to Variety.

Since Disney+ is featuring new original series, although not officially confirmed by Disney, there are additional projects to expand on the Marvel universe including Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye and a series adaptations of “Love Simon”.

Once films are out of the box office and theaters, the films will go straight to this platform. There will be no waiting for the film on DVD or renting from Redbox.

It is set to have Disney+ original series which will include spin offs from the Marvel Universe, Star Wars and High School Musical. This is a way to keep the consumers engaged with the films that they appreciate, including the older customers too. Disney+ will also feature a section of behind the scenes footage of films and tv shows, similar to the options you would have on the menu of a DVD.

The overall interface of the streaming service is similar to the layout of Netflix but with added amination of the icons that display fireworks rather than the automated video playback from hovering. This layout will make the viewing experience easier to navigate. For consumer benefit, there will be that ability to download content and view it offline or on the go.

Sonoma State junior, Cameron Jones said, “I am very excited for this new streaming service to come out. I am a huge Disney fan and to have all my favorite movies and shows in a single place will be great.”

Since the merger with Fox, Disney has acquired over 60 percent of Hulu, with Comcast holding 30 percent. Recently, AT&T has sold their 10 percent back to Hulu, leaving Disney and Comcast to divvy up that percentage. Disney is now the owner of the extensive library of Fox’s film and television shows including the Simpsons and Deadpool.

Disney plans to keep both Hulu and Disney+ content separate platforms. CEO of Disney, Bob Iger has mentioned that there could be plans to start bundling these services, including ESPN+. There might be difficulty getting this approved as Comcast is still in the picture.

“Hulu will be where Disney streams more adult-oriented fare,” according to CNET. ”For example, Hulu is where a new Marvel collection of grown-up animated series will stream, and it's likely where Deadpool-like content will live now that Disney owns Fox.”

The consumers will be getting a large array of content that will be added constantly to the platform. They will be receiving more out of this Disney+ then they would through DVD or cable subscription due to the huge franchises that are all in this one platform.