Student Spotlight: Caleb Forschen

As Caleb Forschen enters his final months as a Music Education major, he is focused on preparing for his big senior recital on April 10 and taking the next chapter in his life as a musician. 

His senior recital will include works by Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Kreisler and Bartok on the violin. In addition to spending hours prepping for his recital, Forschen is a part of the Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Chorus, and a string quartet at Sonoma State University. 

Senior Music Education major and violinist Caleb Forschen will be performing his senior recital on April 10. STAR // Emily Kowalski

Senior Music Education major and violinist Caleb Forschen will be performing his senior recital on April 10. STAR // Emily Kowalski

Forschen began playing the violin when he was 8 years old. He was introduced to the instrument through his public school’s program, and he immediately fell in love with the sound of the violin.

“It’s a uniquely difficult instrument, but I think that it speaks to people on a level that many other instruments don’t, so it is also a uniquely rewarding instrument.” Forschen said. “Given the sheer volume of awesome repertoire has been written for the violin, I’d like to think that history agrees with me.”

Forschen knew early on Music Education was going to be his major and chose Sonoma State because of his attraction to the facilities the Green Music Center has to offer. Over the last  four years, Forschen has dedicated his life to his music.

“Caleb is a hard worker and someone that all performers wish to be because of his focus and detailed work that he puts into his craft,” Forschen’s friend Ryan Perry said. “He practices almost everyday for anywhere from four to seven hours throughout the day. At the end of the day, the reason his recital is going to be great is because he truly cares about his instrument and about the recital.”

Forschen’s plans for after graduation include a career as a musician, which why his education, hard work and dedication at Sonoma State has been so rewarding. 

“We have plenty to do, but we don’t have any unnecessary classes either. Being a Music major is hard because it is hard to sustain a career in music,” Forschen said. “It irritates me when Music majors complain to people about why our workload is so unbearable. Either you want this or you don’t.”

Forschen’s senior recital will be a cumulation of the work he’s done as an undergrad violinist. He has spent the last year prepping for his big performance. A recital is a requirement to graduate as a Music major and takes a lot of preparation. 

“The most rewarding parts have been the most challenging parts for me because the things that I worked the hardest to earn were the things I wanted the most,” Forschen said. “It meant a lot to me to hear from my teacher that he thought I was ready for my recital and he was looking forward to it.” 

Forschen will be performing alongside Marilyn Thompson, who will be playing the piano, and the performance will be about an hour long. Although Forshen is a great, hard working musician, he knows how to budget his time with friends and family. 

Matthew Bowker describes Forschen as someone who is always there for his friends and family and he puts everything he has to the important things in life such as his music and the relationships he has with those around him. Forschen is full of wit and expressed his enjoyment for cigars and whiskey. 

“I would describe Caleb as a realist and someone who knows exactly what he wants and will take all the necessary steps to get there,” Bowker said. “He analyzes every outcome of a situation.”

Go watch Forschen’s hardwork and dedication to music pay off as he performs his senior recital on April 10 at 7:30 P.M. in Schroeder Hall.