Double Decker, ASP free bowling night: the event that cannot go unforgotten as the year continues

Double Decker Lanes, the premier bowling alley in Sonoma County located at 300 Golf Course Dr., Rohnert Park, hosted a free bowling night for the students of Sonoma State University on Sept. 5. As the event only lasts from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m., even students arriving early to the bowling alley’s widely popular event notice the huge line stretching out the door, winding its way around the building. Upon entry with student I.D., free admission is granted; with bowling shoes aplenty, the event showcased flocks of students eager to enjoy the night ahead. 

Throughout the allotted time, Double Decker’s well cherished, reoccurring free bowling night allows for up to two free games altogether. 

The Sept. 5 event also boasted a long list of delicious food for excited students who came out to bowl, with classics like pizza, nachos, and hot dogs making the usual star appearance. Right next to the snack bar is a massive section of arcade games to play all the while--whether for taking a load off from the last poor frame, or to enjoy with friends. Boasting games like “Hoop Fevers,” foosball, a hockey table, pool table and an assemblage of video games to play, Double Decker surely fits the bill for all types of entertainment.

Unfortunately, for students 21 years of age and older, the bowling alley did close off the bar to any students of Sonoma State University. Positive energy and excitement still flourished throughout the scene of the bowling lanes, however, as every single lane in place at the bowling alley was taken and filled with friends alike. Students who found themselves waiting for the next available lanes to come still gained the chance to enjoy the free bowling night, though, as many hopped on next as soon as other groups finished two games of their own. 

Sonoma State University student Tyler Poppino said, “I really liked just being out with my friends at a free event, a lot of times money is an issue for college students. So, I am glad Double Decker was able to host a free bowling night for the students of Sonoma State,” Poppino continues, “and doing events like this brings a lot of people together which is really cool to see; I will be coming here every Thursday of every month because this was a lot of fun.”

The overall environment at Double Decker is certainly tailored to the maximum enjoyment of the bowler, as lot of pop music and other songs from genres across the board were perfectly accentuated by colorful, flashing lights. Many students pointed to the enjoyment of seeing other students dancing to the music as a perfect indicator that everyone there truly maximizes the opportunity to simply have fun. 

“Last year's event was super busy as well, but this year’s looks like more people showed up. When getting here, you immediately saw the line was wrapped around the parking lot. There were so many students here it was crazy. I think it was especially crazy because of all the incoming freshmen at Sonoma State,” Poppino says, in outlining the differences between the event prior and the Sept. 5 event. 

As Poppino alludes, Stephania, a worker at Double Decker Lanes, confirms, “we absolutely do hold the free bowling nights the first Thursday of every month!” However, another worker at Double Decker, Cody, was asked about the comparison to last years free bowling event and said, “the first few Thursdays of every month are extremely crowded with people-- but unfortunately, it gets less and less people during the year.” 

While the free bowling night hosted by Double Decker Lanes on Sept. 5 was yet another success, with the turnout of students proving tremendous, the event’s ability to bring students of Sonoma State closer--and even walk out with new friends--proves that taking advantage of the free bowling night throughout this school year is a worthwhile cause to uphold.