Body Language Productions: the student group on the rise

The Body Language Productions team is building a community of music enthusiasts as they spread awareness through the genre of electronic dance music. Sonoma State University students Christian Francisco, Jacob Gonzales, Allan Lock, Tyler Chase and Edgar Avalos all come together to share their passion for music under their group label, Body Language Productions. 

The inspiration underscoring the collaboration came from one member, Jacob Gonzales. While the Sonoma State student has been a DJ for a few years now--working and contributing to music festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle, Outside Lands, Snowglobe and many more--he shares his passion for electronic music at greek life events as well. Throughout his experiences, however, Gonzales noticed Sonoma County lacked a community of electronic/dance music, as did his fellow members of Body Language Productions. 

With high hopes and dreams, the production team came together with a mutual interest of wanting to expand and share their knowledge of the electronic/dance music world. Ready to take risks and challenge themselves, the boys throw themselves out into the open and advocate for bringing something new to the table. All of the members have a background in working as a DJ and found that the production company would be a perfect way to showcase their work. The group aims to provide the community with a free space to enjoy and dance to electronic music all while expanding their landscape of passion for creating music. 

“Body Language Productions is a collection of passionate individuals who are driven to create the best possible experience. By utilizing each others' talents and assets we can create unforgettable and well thought-out events,” says group member, Christian Francisco. 

The team had previously worked together on the locally renowned fundraiser and Halloween event, “Freaky Tales.” The event--a concert put together by a group of Sonoma State University students to host professional music artists--is used as a tool for members to learn how to invest money and create revenue for their organization. 

In years prior, the “Freaky Tales” team was able to book popular artists such as E-40, Too Short, Jeremiah, Nef the Pharaoh and YG. The event provided a security team to ensure everything ran smoothly and guests could enjoy their experience listening to music, taking photos at the photo booth and purchasing merchandise. 

“Freaky Tales” was a huge turning point for the Body Language Production team. The success of the event equipped them with the confidence to continue pursuing events of the like and create their own identity within the industry. 

“The production team is more than just a group of DJs, but a group of individuals whose focus is to create an enjoyable environment for electronic/dance admirers,” Francisco goes on to say. 

The Body Language Production team has already initiated a successful start to the group’s overall mission. The group has also been hired by the Sonoma State University fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, to host its Cal Skate event on Sept. 19. “Nedd,” Edgar Avalos, will be headlining the event and Tyler Chase will be its opener. On Sept. 21, the production team will also be hosting “The Late Night Techno Show,” with Michélin and Jacob Gonzales performing at the event’s venue, Tradewinds bar, in downtown Cotati. For those of age, also look out for Body Language Productions at downtown Cotati’s Spanky's bar on Oct. 19, Nov. 15 and Dec. 14. 

Follow the team on Instagram at @BodyLanguageProductions for more future events. 

Feeling inspired? The Body Language Productions team is hiring individuals looking to gain experience and expand their knowledge in this music industry. The team is looking for multiple positions such as: social media, photographers and videographers, booking agents, graphic designers and more. If you feel like you can contribute to the team in any way, email or contact team members: Edgar Avalos at (707) 294-0322 and Christian Francisco at (951) 813-5235.