Brett Young dazzles at Graton Resort and Casino

Brett Young has become a top country superstar with thousands of fans around the world. On Aug. 22, Sonoma County residents and fans alike held the opportunity to see him perform at the county’s very own Graton Resort and Casino in Rohnert Park. 

Fans were desperately waiting for Brett to play as they gathered into the sold out show with their drinks in their hand. It was a standing room only venue, so fans gathered all around trying to be up towards the front to ensure that they could have a solid view. Even the fans that happened to be in the back, though, have enough to see: two large screens also grace the Graton stage. Appropriately, Young sings and strums all of his number one hit songs, including “Mercy,” “Don’t Wanna Write This Song,” “Catch,” “Here Tonight” and “Ticket To L.A.”

Young takes reign of the stage embodying the showstopper aura, even thanking the crowd in between songs for singing along with him. He also appears extremely thankful that the audience knows the words to his songs. Many fans feel that the energy in the room was very upbeat and that people were thoroughly enjoying themselves and “letting loose” all around.

“Brett Young was amazing, I loved the energy in the room and I recognized most of the songs he sang. He is definitely very talented,” says Katie Just, who attended the concert. Another concert goer, Jake Marovich, says, “I’ve always been a big fan of Brett Young so when I saw he was coming to the Casino I was pretty stoked. He sounds exactly like he does on the radio!” 

Brett Young, born and raised in Orange County, California, was only a teenager when he first developed his love for music by learning how to play guitar. According to Young, he was inspired by singer Gavin DeGraw as well as singer and songwriter Jeffrey Steele. He ended up leaving California for Nashville, Tennessee and came out with his first EP titled “Country in California.” 

Now, he has a self-titled debut album and his songs are hitting the top of the charts. His first single, “Sleep Without You,” put him at the top--reaching the number three slot on the U.S. Country billboard. Young’s second single, “In Case You Didn’t Know,” reached even further, securing the number two spot. His music attracted the attention of the powerful Nashville based label, Big Machine Label Group, that ended up signing him to a record deal. 

Young once said, “I beat my head against the artist wall for 13 years, but then the first year I decide I’m going to focus on writing, I get a record deal. I’m glad I’m here now.” 

Brett Young is swiftly becoming one of Country music’s rising superstars and we were lucky enough to have him play locally here where fans could enjoy his music and a good environment all in one. For residents and fans, myself included, it was especially enjoyable to see everyone around excitedly reciting the words to his songs and singing along-- making the overall energy in the room vibrant and contagious.