The Part-time Job, Internship, and Service Fair offers more than expected

The Part-time Job, Internship, and Service Fair at Salazar Plaza is a huge hit for students and employers searching for opportunities as abundant as the students that flock to it. On Wednesday Aug. 28, with more than 150 companies in attendance, readily informative and excited employers interact with those interested in opportunities to work with them. Particularly, for students engaged in interests surrounding careers in entertainment and travel, the fair provides exactly that. 

One of the many tabling options for intrigued students to visit is put on by the Epicenter Sports and Entertainment Complex, located in Santa Rosa, seeking eager employees to join their team. The fun-filled complex encompasses an indoor field, arcade, and more entertaining activities.

“We are definitely looking for helping hands that are enthusiastic and ready to join our fun in an energetic environment,” the Area Operations Manager of Epicenter Kaity McCracken says. 

From recruiting wineries to travel companies, there were plenty of chances for students to introduce themselves to different organizations worthy of exploration. One of the biggest travel organizations for college students, JusCollege, was in attendance--for one of the largest student turnouts the company has witnessed in its time nonetheless.

“There is a lot more people than I expected here at the fair compared to other universities I have visited in the past,’’ says Lawerance Ramiro, a representative for JusCollege. 

Interns at JusCollege have a more person to person interaction in helping students coordinate trips during school breaks, as each table was filled with flyers and information to gain interest from students and future interns alike. With a smile and resume in hand, one by one, students  introduce themselves to future employers hoping to make an impression and connection-- all the more meaningfully, too, with time spent at the booth often being much shorter than what is evident in a standard job interview.    

Another company in attendance to the fair is an employment staffing and recruitment agency called Star Staffing, whose table seemed to be popular amongst students. Along with many other businesses, it understands college students’ valuable time and the importance of prioritizing school work: a facet many passing students enjoyed to hear. 

“I think what is great is that the beauty of staff agencies lies in the fact that it is a lot of temp work and when you are in college you are not really looking for a full time job, so we really have a lot of friendly options for students,” Natalie Vang of  Star Staffing mentions. 

The most substantial part from the fair to note is the keenness from the representatives at the tables, largely rooted in the passion each display for students to link with their organization. Altogether, ample options prevail for those interested in applying for either a part-time job, internship, or service within any field of work offered throughout. 

The Part-Time, Internship, and Service Fair is an outstanding career fair--a first for some-- to experience at the beginning of the year, since it carries a focus on students finding opportunities that reign manageable while attending school. Target and Micro Vu were kind enough to sponsor the event tabling as well. Many of the employers, of course, are counting down the days until the next career fair to see the turnout and provide the tremendous options for Sonoma State students that are still out there today. 

As Vang summarizes best, “The fair is amazing! In a way nostalgic, seeing the eager eyes of college students wanting to see what kind of opportunities there are.”