Meet the Candidates


Candidates for President

Brandon Mercer: Endorsed by the Sonoma State Star

My name is Brandon Mercer and I want to serve as your voice next year as Associated Students President.  I am a third year double major in Economics and Environmental Studies.  My passion for leadership started while serving on Sauvignon Village Council.  Building from my early experience, I transitioned into my niche at SSU welcoming in our students as a Summer Orientation Leader.  Falling in love with the organization, I was hired as one of four Team Leaders to organize and carryout the mission of Orientation the following year guiding in the class of 2018.  While serving in various leadership roles my eyes have been opened to the vast diversity we have here at Sonoma State; my ongoing objective is to support the unity amongst our diverse student body. I got involved with the Associated Students last semester while serving on three committees: Academic Senate, Campus Re-engineering Committee, and the Graduate Initiative Group.  While serving on A.S. I have voiced student concerns in meetings of crucial importance not only to the future of SSU operation but also academic programs and current student activities.  There is no greater issue we face than the six year graduation average for CSU students.  The severe lack of class options, limited seats, and miscommunication between SSU and the student body has hurt us all in our bid to succeed. I plan to address these head on, working with the administration to make Sonoma State a beacon of student success in the CSU system.


Nicole Dominique

My name is Nicole Dominique, and like Martin Luther King Jr., I have a dream. I dream that Sonoma State University students see their university as a positive environment to call home. They see their campus as a place where they feel safe, accepted, heard, have a voice, a place to get involved, get a great education, and a great stepping stone foundation to the rest of their lives. My major is psychology and I have great leadership skills, communication skills, involvement in the community, involvement in different campuses, SEAWOLF SPIRIT, pageant crowns, and many more skills. I have the time and dedication to go above and beyond what the task “president” requires. I am all about making a difference and making sure voices are heard. One thing about me is that I am the type of person who likes to succeed in everything I set out to do, but what sets me apart, is that I don’t like to succeed alone. If I make it somewhere, I leave a ladder to pave a way for my peers so that we may all be successful as well, and we can all make a difference and change the world together, even if it’s one step at a time. I am a team player and you are my coach. Help me to make your dream campus a reality for us all. On this campus, with me as president, dreams can come true. And remember, if you want victory over defeat, vote Dominique!


Candidate for School of Arts and Humanities Senator

Olivia Smith

My name is Olivia Smith; I will be running for Senator representing the Arts and Humanities Department. I am currently majoring in English with a minor in psychology. I am from Santa Rosa and have lived there most of my life. I arrived at Sonoma State University last Fall transferring from Santa Rosa Junior College, not sure what to expect on my first day of class. It took me only days to realize I felt at home and that Sonoma State University was the school for me. I really enjoyed the quality, inspiration, diversity, variety, and support I gained from my classes and professors. I was inspired firsthand to be the Student Senator for the Arts and Humanities Department because of my great experience with classes and professors within the Arts and Humanities Department. I want to be a part of ensuring that other Arts and Humanities students are having a just as wonderful academic experience as me by acting as a voice between students and the department, also working on department projects that will benefit the students. I would also like to be a part of promoting what the department has to offer the local community as well as students, such as, art exhibits, music and theater performances, as well as speakers for various topics that relate to the Arts and Humanities Department. As a senator I plan on working with the senate and department to develop, promote, and improve the various programs on a path of continuing excellence.


Candidate for Community Affairs Senator

Shannon Garcia

I believe that I would be the ideal candidate for Community Affairs Senator. I am currently involved in the Alpha Xi Delta chapter as Financial Vice President and as a member of Greek life I know that many students want their voices heard. I would like to be the channel through which they can speak to their community. I hope to give the Rohnert Park and Cotati communities a better sense of the positive affects the students at Sonoma State have on their community. I hope to build on the relationship between SSU and the surrounding communities. I also want to make sure that students feel that they are a part of the community instead of a temporary resident. SSU has a lot to offer the community and I want people to be more aware of this fact.



Candidate for Diversity Senator

Ana Tongilava 

My name is Ana Tongilava. I am currently a freshmen and a Math major here at Sonoma State University. As you may be aware, I have announced my candidacy for election to be a Senator for Diversity as a representative for the students of Sonoma State University.Diversity is generally defined as a range of different things. To me, diversity is beyond that. It is a variety of cultures and ethnicities coming together to a common ground to embrace the cultures we carry within ourselves. Being a Senator for Diversity requires a responsibility of advocating for more diversity in which it takes effort to commit into a role of supporting a positive experience for others. This position would allow me to be inclusive as a whole so everyone can feel as if they matter.Coming from an island in the Pacific such as Tonga gives me the opportunity to view life from a different lense. One of the many factors I want to contribute by having this role is having to create more traditions that allow students’ individual experiences to be more memorable. As a senator for diversity, I would be able to bring to the table a different point of view from everyone especially underrepresented students. From previous experiences, I’ve done a variety of volunteer work for my community such as feeding the homeless and providing clothes drive that could supply for them. These experiences has helped me realized how blessed and grateful I am for life everyday. I’m asking for your support and vote in making this campus a more diverse environment.


Candidates for Involvement Senator

Jasmine Delgadillo

Hello Seawolves, my name is Jasmine Delgadillo. I am a sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Spanish. Throughout my time at Sonoma State I have had the opportunity of being a member of the Greek Community, in which I have learned the importance of being actively involved at Sonoma while also building my leadership skills. Although grateful for the opportunities my sorority has given me, I am ready to take my leadership to the next level which is why I am running for Involvement Senator. If chosen to be Involvement Senator, I will do my best to ensure that all clubs and organizations get the help they need in order to succeed to the fullest. Given the opportunity, I plan to reach out to all clubs and organizations in order to get their input on what they find most suitable in the current system and what needs to change. My main goal as Involvement Senator would be to help this community prosper campus-wide. Help make a positive change by voting for me. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Rosa Martinez

My name is Rosa Maria Martinez, and I am currently a first year student at Sonoma State University. During my first year as an involved student, I have seen the empowerment that comes from student interactions, activism and participation. I truly believe that a student's higher education experience is constructed by a student's outside of the classroom experience. It is my hope as the involvement senator that students will have an enriching, engaged and proactive Seawolf experience by providing more events and uniting everyone together. In my interactions with students, I have heard students express their dissatisfaction by stating, "There's nothing to do at SSU."I want to help fix that and connect students to school-wide events and meet more people. Every student should feel supported to succeed both academically and socially at SSU! I want students to graduate from Sonoma State University stating,"I had the best four years of my life." GO SEAWOLVES! VOTE FOR ME!


Candidate for School of Social Sciences Senator

Russell De Jong

Hello, my name is Russell De Jong. I seek to represent all Social Science majors from Anthropology to Women and Gender Studies as Senator of the School of Social Sciences. I am a Psychology and Chemistry double major in my third year, and on schedule to graduate in four. I have served as the treasurer of the Baseball Club and VP of the Pre-Health Professions Club in the past, and currently am President of the Baseball Club and Treasurer of the Pre-Health Professions Club. I hope to take my leadership on this campus to the next level with an appointment to the Student Senate. My primary goal is to help you get the classes you need. As I’m sure you know, popular classes are very hard to get into. They chronically have waitlists of over 30 people, some of whom have been trying to get into the class for two years or more. My plan to address this is to work with the Dean to open more sections of these chronically waitlisted classes. I will be your voice in the decision making process when it comes time to plan the next semester’s courses. My secondary goal is to use my extensive fundraising experience to bring more money to the academic clubs across the School. Whether or not you are a member of these clubs, this money would equate to more events such as preparing for graduate school admissions or landing the job you want after graduation.

Candidate for Student Services Senator

Matthew Goodin

My name is Matthew Goodin, and I am from lovely north county, San Diego. I have been fortunate to have been raised in a wonderful upbringing and have always been taught by my parents to encompass sincere values and motives. Because of this, I take pride in the work I do, and be sure to do it to the best of my abilities. Looking back some years, I went to Torrey Pines High School, which was a diverse, but very well rounded public school. Since coming to Sonoma State, I have continued to love the environment around me, and especially the people. Since attending school, I have taken it upon myself to get involved in various programs in the community, including many volunteer programs with the locals and various experiences on campus. Now that I am a junior, I have been able to realize how much this campus has to offer, and what it is like to navigate and transition from the first day on campus, to being situated within this university. I have invested time in Student Government and decided to run for a second term, because I plan to lead students and also help spread knowledge between the Senate and the students to bring awareness of all that Sonoma has to offer. The position of student services will help me voice your opinions and have them heard.


Candidate for Sustainability Senator

Claudia Sisomphou

Hi! My name is Claudia Sisomphou and I am a sophomore. I am an Environmental Studies major with a focus in Planning and a Computer Science minor. I am running for Sustainability Senator to further my involvement in student advocacy and promote the values of sustainability within our University's curriculum, administration, and student body. Since freshman year I have been a part of various SSU clubs including Associated Students Lobby Corps, which discusses bills from State Senators and Assembly Members that affect higher education, leads voter registration drives, and travels to the Capitol to lobby for funding the CSUs. As a member of the Sonoma Student Growers Cooperative, I grow organic produce and sell to the University's cafeteria and local restaurants. I am the Activist in Residence at the Center for Community Engagement, and my job is to create and implement projects that engage students in sustainability and diversity. I have published the Top Ten Tips that everyone can do to live a sustainable lifestyle, and I will soon present to Senate, Greek Life, and Residential Housing to start an educational campaign teaching students how to manage their health, money, and planet. I am very passionate about sustainability because its practices can be found in all aspects of life. The very fact that our society and economy are dependent on higher education graduates, and yet students are forced to pay enormous tutions themselves is not sustainable. I care about our future as students and the future of our planet. I hope you will give me the opportunity to be your voice for sustainability and environmental affairs.

Candidate for Undeclared Senator 

Lucas Ammerman

As an Undeclared Sophomore at SSU and I am interested in running for Undeclared Senator. As a second year Undeclared student I can relate to and recognize many issues we as undeclared students run into, whether it is trying to declare into an impacted major, figuring out where to take the first step in our career paths, or just simply registering and hoping to get those pre-requisite classes we need. I believe the biggest issue with declaring a major is the lack of communication. The inability to explore new subjects and discover the right major for yourself, not being aware of all of the important dates sent out by all the different departments due to excess emails. I propose developing a more effective way to help you discover the major that could be the first step in the right direction, with an easier and simple notification process to relay the information of major requirements, prerequisite classes, workshop dates, and deadlines. I also have a history of leadership and professional experience. In high school I was a class officer for 3 consecutive years and held a year as the Head of the ASB technology committee, these positions familiarized me with the formal process of addressing school issues, planning and executing tasks, and also instilled in me useful skills such as efficient decision making, time and stress management, effective listening and verbal communication, working well with others, and leading with an open mind and most importantly, leading by example.


Candidates for Vice President of Finance 

Kevin McMahon

My name is Kevin McMahon and I want to serve as your Vice President of Finance. I am currently a third year majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Economics. From the moment I saw this campus I knew that I wanted to make something of myself here. There is so much passion and creativity running through the roots of this campus that inspires me everyday. Throughout my time here I have tested the waters on sports teams, clubs, and other extra curricular activities. Through my time playing sports at Sonoma State I learned many leadership qualities such as responsibility, time management, teamwork, and perseverance. After my time with sports ended I still carried these qualities with me into the clubs that I became involved in. I found my calling at SSU once I began participating in Entreprenoma. I want to bring the same passion and excitement that I have for this club back into our school. Being a student here I am aware of the amazing things that this school has achieved along with the areas that can be improved upon. Serving as your Vice President of Finance I will further the betterment of our wonderful campus by making smart financial decisions and be that voice for those that want to be heard. We have a solid foundation set by previous leaders; now let me help you continue to make this campus a place that we are all proud to call ours.