The STAR endorses Breana Archie for AS President

The Sonoma State Star endorses Breana Archie for the Associated Students President.

Archie is currently a third year Sociology major, and she believes that her two years in student government has given her the tools to be an effective leader. Archie visited the staff writers and editors of the Star on Tuesday, April 2 to explain why she deserves to be the next Associated Students President. The main issue she sees on campus is the lack of diversity.

“I want students to come on campus and say, ‘I see me,’” says Archie.

She plans on helping fix this issue by working with, and supporting, the Sonoma State Administration. When asked about the current school administration, Archie said, “We have the right people in the right positions now, so now all we have to do is to reach our potential.”

When asked about her impression of Judy Sakaki, she said she thinks she is an amazing person. Also, she thinks that it is refreshing to have a woman of color as President because it adds another dynamic to where we want to go as a campus.

Archie has a long resume in advocacy for others. In addition to her two years in student government, she was also a first generation peer mentor as well as a RHA Executive Vice President of Recognition last year. In student government, she is currently the undeclared senator for Associated Students Government and the vice chair of the senate.

Outside of school, Archie has helped with food and clothes drives for the homeless. She has volunteered with youth, minority and LGBTQ+ groups.

“My thing is service,” says Archie.

Making a difference in the world made her want to get involved in student government. “Being in student government made me realize that I was already a leader, but it just needed to be developed,” says Archie.

One of the things she wants to implement as Associated Students President is adding the suicide hotline number to the back of the student ID cards.

“As a personal three-time suicide survivor myself, I understand what it’s like to put on the perfect image of a mask when you know that you don’t have it together. And even though we have amazing services, sometimes those don’t work for all people. It’s just a little reminder that there is a support system for you,” says Archie.

Other issues facing Sonoma State students that Archie wants to help remedy are housing, food, security, and balancing being a good student with a job.

After Sonoma State Archie wants to go to graduate school and get a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Counseling, and then get a PhD in Counseling. Her ultimate goal is to have her own practice as a family and marriage counselor.

“Change doesn’t come overnight,” says Archie. “I plan to be out there, that is my main thing, that is what I do.”

To make your voice heard, find the link to vote in your student email.