Student Center’s Overlook classy yet affordable

While the masses flood the first floor of the Student Center for The Kitchens, Lobo’s and Weyden + Brewster, the real crown jewel of student dining is hidden away up high.

Overlook is the new fine dining restaurant located on the third floor of the Student Center, to the right of the ballroom. Its more upscale menu and appearance may feel familiar to some students, for Overlook is the new University Club (UCLUB).

Living up to its name, Overlook has a nice view of the tree canopy right by the library. 

While there is minimal outside seating available to take in a different view of the campus, the indoor seating is elegant and pristine. 

With rustic yet modern décor on the inside, fresh flowers are on every table and the atmosphere feels very new.

While the slightly upscale setting can be intimidating to some students, all are welcome no matter your attire. 

Overlook is a nice little getaway from the daily rambunctious flurry of student life, but not the type of restaurant one would dine at on a regular basis.

Like UCLUB before it, the prices are definitely reasonable for the quality of food they serve. 

A grass fed Niman Ranch Burger runs for $8.50, and the side of fries or salad is definitely a hearty portion. 

The burger practically melts in your mouth, with its succulent taste immediately satisfying even the hungriest of stomachs.

Those looking for a lighter meal have the option of a Soup and Salad combo for $8, with the either a roasted tomato soup or New England clam chowder to pair with their house garden salad. 

The New England clam chowder was extremely tasty, with noticeably fresh chunks of clam present in every spoonful. 

However, the one odd part of the meal was the spoons for the soup. They were skinny in style, not like the traditional oval shape, making it hard to eat the soup and ice cream.

The menu ranges from soups, salads, sandwiches, pasta and dessert, with the most expensive item on the menu being $8.74—the Linguine with Italian Sausage.

They even offer an ongoing Sonoma Special: a Farm Garden Bowl for $8.50, an organic, local and gluten-free mix of hearty grains, legumes, leafy greens and vegetables seasoned lightly with ginger, tamari, miso and tahini.

For dessert there are three options available; a cheesecake, Three Twins ice cream (a local ice creamery from Petaluma) and a trio of delicious sorbets in chocolate, raspberry and blackberry.

Off in the back of the restaurant there is a private room, where one can have a meal with a larger party and personal reservations are available for the restaurant.

The menu is constantly rotating through three different cycles throughout the semester, so be sure to check their menu online to see what’s being served that week. 

Some weeks are more pasta oriented, other weeks the desserts might be making you plan out future trips to the Rec Center. Whether you want to go with a  group of friends or on a romantic date, Overlook offers a relaxing getaway to the chaos of a busy school day.

Overlook’s hours are limited; they are open Monday through Friday, 11 a.m.- 2 p.m.