Hair donation for cancer

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. JUMP, also known as Join Us Making Progress, put on a breast cancer awareness event in the Seawolf Plaza on Thursday to spread awareness on breast cancer. 

The event had a donation table for the American Cancer Society with bra pong, hair donations and information on the Sonoma State University Relay for Life.

The bra pong was entertaining and educational. JUMP had created a board that hung eight strapless bras. 

The goal of the game was to get the ping pong ball to stick in one of the bra cups with five tries. 

If a student made the ball in a bra cup, the student was awarded with a fact about breast cancer. If a student went five tries with no luck, they were asked to donate to the American Cancer Society. JUMP was collecting donation by cash or credit card at the event, but donations can still be made. 

“By playing, you get to learn more about breast cancer. The issue is not just affecting Americans, but people all over the world,” said Jessica Johns senior and director of day of service for JUMP.

Associated Students Production was also at the event with Paolo Ochoa. The culture and current events director was handing out free T-shirts to students who attended the event. 

“We incorporate normal life culture in the events too, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to work with JUMP in October to promote breast cancer awareness,” said Ochoa.

Hair Couture located in Rohnert Park sent hairdressers down to SSU to help out with the hair donations. Hair Couture donated their time and services to take hair donations at the event. 

“Last year, 15 girls donated their hair at the event. Hair gives people going thought chemotherapy a sight of hope,” said Johns.

Hair Couture was scheduling free appointments for a touch up cut and style to anyone who donated their hair at the event. Anyone can still donate, but the hair must be healthy, and have at least eight inches to cut. 

“My mom and grandma both had breast cancer. I have a lot of hair and feel that someone else could put it to better use,” said junior Haley Martini. “My grandma passed away from stage four breast cancer. I’m also doing the Strides Walk in San Francisco.” 

Martini had many friends and fellow students there for support. 

“I’m just so glad she’s doing it, personally I don’t have enough hair to donate, so I’m doing what I can to support the cause,” said freshman Jasmine Davey.

As nervous as Martini was, she decided to work up the courage and let Hair Couture snip her whole pony tail off. 

“I’m very proud of Haley for donating her hair, she has had it for a long time,” said junior Shelby Dessel. “I also work for JUMP and it’s cool to see the event really happen. Jump has been working on it for a really long time.” 

The event also displayed the SSU Relay for Life group, which is a 24-hour walk for cancer. Sonoma State University does have a Relay for Life team, and anyone is welcome to join. 

The SSU Relay for Life team hopes to have the Sapphires, the Stomp Team, Improv club, FAASU and any other dance club or team on campus to participate in the team. 

For more information on the SSU Relay for Life team contact Anika Jess at

To donate to the American Breast Cancer Society thought Sonoma State Univer