Seawolves sing their hearts out

For those looking for something different to do on a Friday night, then look no further. Lobo’s Pizza and Pub will be home to a weekly karaoke competition in the month of October where students can come for a night filled with entertainment. 

“We wanted to offer alternative events for people who don’t want to go out, or who want to stay on campus,” said senior and Campus Life Programmer Taylor Millman. “We wanted an event that would stay consistent. Last week we had close to 40 students come out and we are hoping these events will get even bigger.” 

Each week’s competition will have a different theme ranging from decades to genres. This week, the night revolved around country music with the theme Let’s Go Ya’ll. Contestants were encouraged to select a song from the country music genre to perform for their fellow Seawolves. Contestants went all out to stick to the theme. Some performed with a Southern accent while others brought their drinks up with them in sticking to true country music ideals.  

“We’ve started doing gift cards to engage the students,” said Millman. “Last week we did a 90’s theme and people got really into it and got excited about the competition. Having a theme adds an extra element to the competition.” 

This week, classic country karaoke hits were performed including, Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying,” Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” and Kid Rock’s, “Picture.” 

To encourage students to participate, there are prizes given at each week’s karaoke event. Then, all the winners will come together next month to compete for a grand prize. Winners are selected based on the level of cheering they receive after their karaoke performance.  

“There will be a big grand prize for each week’s winners to battle for at the final showdown,” said junior and Campus Life Programmer Emily Wirdzek. “All the winners will come together on Nov. 7 to compete.”

A large crowd gathered this week to watch and participate. As the night went on, more students started coming to Lobo’s to see what was going on and ended up staying to enjoy the evening. 

“I love that it brings people together,” said senior Taylor Bonilla, “it creates an atmosphere for fun entertainment.” 

 At least a dozen students decided to compete this week, some competitors even performing multiple songs. There was also close to 30 students who decided to watch and cheer along. 

“I loved being able to watch all the students who were brave enough to go up there and sing,” said senior Megan Wade. “It’s hard to go in front of a lot of people and perform and every did an amazing job and owned it.”

Each table had a binder with the song selections placed on it. Once the student selected which song they wanted to perform, they added their name to the lineup followed by their song choice. Some students even signed up for more than one slot.

The jumbo screen projected the words for the performer and even so the audience could sing and clap along. Two girls even had a little choreography to go along with their singing. 

“I love to sing and it’s fun that on campus I can come with my friends and do that,” said senior and reigning champ Sebastian Carrizosa, “I am coming every Friday for practice for the grand finale.” 

Live at Lobo’s October Karaoke Contest will continue Friday. 

The theme will be Women Power Hits, and students are encouraged to wear the color pink.