Bowling for the boobs

October is the official breast cancer awareness month. It is a reminder to everyone that breast cancer is an important topic to discuss because it affects many women (and men, though on a lesser scale) in our society and Sonoma State University is doing its part to raise awareness. 

On the first Thursday of every month, Double Decker Lanes in Rohnert Park hosts free bowling night for Sonoma State students between the hours 10 p.m. till midnight. 

While some students always come for the free bowling regardless, tonight plenty of students showed up to support Bowling for Boobs. Bowling for Boobs is an event that was organized by the Associated Student Productions. 

Paolo Ochoa was sitting at the Associated Student Productions (ASP) table while he talked and answered all questions students asked regarding Bowling for Boobs and other upcoming events.

 “By coming out they are supporting breast cancer awareness month. It’s important to save the tatas,” said Ochoa. 

National Breast Cancer awareness month is all about helping women and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services.

Upon first walking in, it was obvious that the amount of pink that the patrons of the bowling alley were wearing was not by chance. 

Every lane was packed with young college students and perhaps 20 percent of people were either wearing pink or had a pink ribbon on. The venue gave everyone the chance to have fun with free bowling while also giving them the opportunity to learn about breast cancer. 

“Our main goal is to make events fun for students. There is not that much school spirit  and we are trying to change that,” said Ochoa. 

Alex Morris is a Sonoma State student who lives off campus and often tries to stay connected with her peers. 

“Living off campus makes it harder to be involved with school activities, but free bowling night is one of the most popular events that they hold and it is a lot of fun,” said Morris. 

There are many events coming up that ASP is planning in addition to free bowling night. Campus Movie Fest Finale is an event where films submitted by students will be screened at the Green Music Center.  

DJ master class is an event about bringing student DJs together for a fun night with dancing. Lastly, an event on Oct. 13 called “Coming out with Big Boo” from hit TV series Orange is the New Black is will be held in the Student Center, Ballroom A. 

 “So many people suffer from breast cancer, it is important to raise awareness. I would like to hear about more events like this and fundraisers that are going on in our area” said Ariel Anderson. 

One out of eight women will develop breast cancer and ASP’s event helped people realize the threat and importance of early detection when it comes to breast cancer. 

However, even though the bowling alley had plenty of people wearing pink to show support, a lot of patrons seemed puzzled that the free bowling had a Bowling for Boobs theme.

Many students admitted going to the event solely to bowl and have a good time. 

The next free bowling night will happen on Nov. 6 with the theme, Turkey Bowl. Students who bowl three strikes in a row will have a chance to win prizes. 

December’s bowling theme is Lobo Visits Arendale, where the Disney movie “Frozen” will be screened during free bowling night.