Country Fresh Cafe: A quaint breakfast

By first glance you don’t see it. By second glance it looks closed. By third glance one’s pulling into the parking lot of Country Fresh Café in Cotati and wondering why this place has never been advertised before. Country Fresh Café is a small restaurant that has indoor and outdoor seating and a variety of menu options. 

With weekend brunch serving different types of eggs benedict, omelets and french toast, the options were unlimited. 

“I’ve never had such amazing coffee, I literally love this it tastes so fresh,” said junior Karina Whitehouse. With fresh coffee on the table and a chorizo omelette on its way, Whitehouse took in the surroundings and found that Country Fresh Café was an older building but a cute rustic décor. 

“Its quality food at a decent price, I would definitely say this is a great breakfast and lunch destination,” said junior Nick Knepper.

 Country Fresh Café serves farm to table food meaning all their produce and meat is from a farm in Petaluma and Santa Rosa.  Country Fresh Café is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with breakfast being their most popular meal.

Country Fresh Café serves meat and vegetarian options, along with different drinks. All major credit cards are accepted at Country Fresh Café with spectacular servers.  

“The waiters and waitresses are very attentive and nice, it was awesome how they kept asking about the food and whether we wanted more water, all I felt were good vibes,” said senior Katelyn Robb. 

Even a few visitors from San Diego were at Country Fresh and had felt that it was a random location but it was good food. 

“I like the décor, it definitely has a country feel to it, and I like the patio, but I feel like they need to put an overhang on the patio so that there isn’t so much direct sunlight,” said Susie, a mother visiting her daughter at Sonoma State. “I like that Country Fresh Café is different than the [Black Bear Diner] and it looked like it would be good and serve good food.” 

Country Fresh Café is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and only serves breakfast and lunch Wednesdays and Sundays, while serving all meals Thursday through Saturday. 

The lunch menu includes panini’s and an assortment of sandwiches, while the dinner menu includes a select few options such as steak and meatballs.

The breakfast and lunch menu are the main menus for Country Fresh Café, with the dinner menu seeming like an additional option.

Country Fresh Café had a clean atmosphere, but the waiters didn’t clear a table off before having a mother and daughter sit down at the table, and even when they were eating some of the leftover food was still on the table from the past visitors. 

The overall experience was new and refreshing, which included taking home leftovers because the portions were generous.