Lyft: A new way of transportation

Large pink mustaches attached to the front of a car are now something people see more often than not due to the new transportation method, Lyft. 

Lyft, a ride-sharing company, connects people that need a ride with drivers in the area to ensure them with a safe, cheap ride. They aim to give riders a unique experience that will make them loyal customers.   

Lyft makes the experience fun and they pride themselves on safety. It is also convenient because payment is made through the Lyft app. Instead of carrying cash, the app charges the credit card saved to the passenger’s profile. 

“It’s reassuring to have a safe mode of transportation that is college student budget friendly,” said senior Kelsey Ceccarelli. 

Lyft launched in 2012, under the business Zimride, in San Francisco. Zimride was originally created for University students to organize rides back home for the holidays. Success was slow so it was decided to make a more accessible company and thus Lyft was created, and took off. Lyft allows users who seek rides to use their phones to find a driver.   

“My friends and I use Lyft all the time, especially on the weekends,” said senior Megan Wade. “Lyft makes getting rides easy because it’s all done through an app so I don’t have to save my cash for a taxi after a night out. I have only had good experiences with Lyft drivers, they are all super nice and make you feel comfortable.”   

The first step to utilizing Lyft is by downloading the app. Once the app is downloaded, Lyft will give first-time users a free ride.  To request a pickup just tap the big green button and within seconds a match will be made with a driver in the area. 

The Lyft app will show the user a picture of the driver and their car so the passenger knows who they get in the car with. Lyft has their signature pink mustache so passengers can’t miss the driver’s car. 

When the destination is over, the credit card on file will automatically be charged the fare and passengers will also have the option to add a tip. Then, both the driver and the passenger rate each other on the experience. If the passenger rates the driver lower than a three on a scale of one to five then the passenger will never have that driver again, and vice versa. 

“All the Lyft drivers I have met have been extremely friendly and approachable,” said senior Megan Sicard. “Lyft is also awesome to make students feel more secure by allowing users to see their drivers profile before hand.”

Lyft guarantees a safe experience. They do extensive background checks and criminal offense checks on their drivers. Each driver is given a mentor who meet with them and perform a full car inspection.

The STAR talked to Sonoma County Lyft driver Kelsey Healey who shared her experiences as a driver.

 “The tagline of Lyft is ‘Your Friend With a Ride,” and I feel like since I am a college student I really relate to this since I am picking up mostly my peers,” said Healey. “Not only that I am taking them to familiar places, places I go to myself, so I can relate to my passengers and make them feel comfortable.”       

Lyft provides a service to the public, now reaching 64 cities and expected to rapidly grow. Lyft holds themselves to high standards to deliver quality service and keep customers safe.

“The Lyft drivers I’ve ridden with have all been extremely friendly, and expressed how much they actually enjoy their job,” said senior Giovanna Giacosa. “I feel more comfortable with them than regular taxi drivers, who usually don’t engage in conversation.”