Student Spotlight: Brenna Hack

Starting at a new school is always intimidating. The fear of the unknown, the pressures of being cool and adjusting to the academic changes of attending a new campus are just some of the challenges that new students have to face.

Now take all that into account and add moving away from your parents for the first time. These are some of the things that freshman Brenna Hack, 18, from Walnut Creek, Calif. had to deal with last week.

Hack, who just moved into the dorms on Saturday, began her classes on Tuesday. She is starting with an undeclared major, but believes she may major in Psychology and minor in Communications.

“At first I was really excited to come here, but still really skeptical and especially when I started my first class, I got panicky because it was at 7:30 a.m.,” said Hack.

According to the school’s website, Sonoma State University provides housing for 3100 students and an estimated 90 percent of all freshmen live on campus. Like Hack, many freshman students come directly from high school and have never lived away from home.

“I have been home alone before but this is the first time for a long period of time,” said Hack. “My biggest fear was not making a lot of friends, trustworthy ones.”

She already knows nine people here from her hometown, one of whom she’s known since she was two years old. Another concern was the fact that she’s on her own now and has to wake herself up in time to attend her 7:30 a.m. class.

Hack has five female roommates, one of them she knows from high school. Now that she has been here for almost a week, she finds herself feeling lucky to have been paired up with this group of girls.

“I think we get along very well and I’m very lucky to have been paired with them. We are good friends even after only a few days,” said Hack. “I feel very fortunate to be living in the dorms with the roommates that I got assigned, because compared to other dorms or villages here at SSU, they are all very friendly.”

She currently plans to live in the dorm for two to three years. “I eat at the dining hall when I’m too lazy to make things,” said Hack.

Hack plans to tryout to play on the lacrosse team since she played for three years in high school. She is also looking forward to the new experiences that college brings and maturing during her stay here.

Now that she is on her own, Hack hopes to wake up for class on time and plans to obtain perfect grades. She is also hoping to graduate within four years but is concerned it might actually take five.

SSU requires 120 units to acquire a bachelor’s degree. If a student plans to graduate in four years, as Hack does, she must take a minimum of 15 units per semester. Hack is currently enrolled in 12 units and is searching for another class so she can maximize her time at SSU.

Overall, Hack seems to be adjusting very well and with her charm and lively personality she won’t have any trouble making many friends. As for waking up on time for that 7:30 a.m. class, only time will tell.