Student Spotlight: Anthony Gallino

There is a young man around campus who is usually dressed in a suit and tie with a briefcase in hand. Whether it is an 8 a.m. class or a casual lunch in the University Club you can expect Anthony Gallino to be dressed to impress.

“I like to dress like I own this place,” said Gallino.

Own this place he does. Gallino may be considered one of the most influential people at Sonoma State University. He is the current vice president of the Associated Students and a senior majoring in political science.

From pioneering the campaign against the fee to build the student center, to sitting on numerous boards and committees, he seems to have an influence in all aspects of the university.

Gallino did not intend to study at SSU but ended up here due to a bet he made with his mother. He did not believe that he would be accepted but his mom thought otherwise. When his acceptance letter arrived he was shocked but upheld his side of the deal and moved from Visalia, Calif. to Rohnert Park, Calif. that fall. 

His loss was definitely our gain. Gallino has held the position of the Associated Students vice president for the past two years and strives to represent the students to the best of his abilities.

During his time at SSU he has sat on over 20 university committees and boards and has been a member of five clubs. Gallino is an example of the caliber of students that attend SSU. Like many others he is highly motivated, civically involved and determined to succeed.

Gallino strives to foster activism across campus. His 2013 campaign with Mac Hart contributed to SSU having the second highest voter turnout of any California State University last year.

The election brought life and excitement to the whole school and got people excited about the future of their educations. Gallino and Hart ran on a platform of visibility, accountability and collaboration. Time will tell how successful they will be at fulfilling and acting on these promises but the year has been off to a great start.

The Associated Students Senate is already working on pivotal issues facing the school including the 120-day party policy and the 120-unit cap.

Anthony has a vision for the future of the university. 

“My goal for SSU is for it to be the best academic institution it can be. I want SSU to flourish in its student life programs,” said Gallino. “In other words, I want SSU to be as well rounded as it attempts to make me as an individual.” 

Anthony values honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic and continues to improve those characteristics in him. He wants every student to have the opportunity to expand their skill set and grow as individuals during their time here.

He understands that occasionally it is necessary to step outside of his comfort zone. Last year Gallino took a yoga class through the kinesiology department. Sometimes life requires flexibility, both literally and physically.

Gallino has some words of wisdom for all SSU students.

“Build a life for themselves on campus. By that [he] means make SSU your home. Fill it with hobbies and activities you like to do. Fill it with good friends and good food,” said Gallino.

He continued by stating students should get involved. 

“Maybe that is in AS, maybe a Greek organization, maybe a club, maybe something completely different. I know that all sounds corny, but those things take a lot of time,” said Gallino.

Students may feel that their opinion doesn’t matter and they have no power to change the way things are run. Anthony Gallino believes otherwise and wants to make sure every individual voice is heard. We are all equally important and have the right to express feelings and ideas. 

“I feel like every student is the owner of this university. They own this place,” said Gallino.