Las Vegas style comes to campus

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas-unless one is a student at Sonoma State University. On Saturday, Residential Student Affairs (RSA) and Associated Student Productions (ASP) paired together to make a night of fun-filled games, food and raffle prizes. Each student on campus was invited to play Vegas-style games at the Student Center in the Grand Ballroom at 8:30 p.m. Saturday night. 

“This is a completely free event for the residential community, we’re pairing with ASP this time, so actually any student can come,” said RSA Treasurer Rachael Begoun. “They don’t have to pay for anything, it’s just an alternative for going out on the weekend and getting drunk.” 

Casino Night was full of laughter and surprises as students participated  in karaoke, black jack, spoons and photo-shoots with a black and white photo center, along with a wedding chapel photo-shoot.

 “A lot of people complain at Sonoma State like ‘Oh there’s nothing to do on campus’, and that’s what we’re here for to plan events for residents living on campus,” said President of RSA Aliza Eoson. 

Each student who presented a student I.D. card was given five chips to begin playing the tables. Each table had opportunities for students to win or lose chips.

“I’m really happy that Sonoma State puts on events such as Casino Night for the student body, because it allows us to mingle amongst other students in a safe environment,” said junior history major Courtney Fil.

For every five chips students could turn them in for one raffle ticket. With 40 different raffle prizes offered at Casino Night, the prizes ranged from large and expensive like a Keurig, 24” TV, Beats Solo HD, two Giants World Series shirts, a 49ers sweatshirt, a set of four “Transformers” mugs and a set of four “Star Wars” mugs. There were also  smaller prizes like gift cards.

“This is a wonderful and harmonious event that hooks in the student body to unite and play a bunch of awesome games,” said junior Madison Baldo. 

With the variety of student’s ages at the event, it gave them a chance to meet others who not have been paired with before. 

The theme to the night was ‘dress to impress’ so the ladies wore dresses and heels and the men wore collared shirts, ties and slacks. The photo shoot areas were filled with people most of the night because most students were ready to impress a crowd. Battle of the sexes was a popular game choice while black jack and Texas holdem’ were being over-taken with people wanting to win more chips. 

Casino night had brought back the classic games spoons and Uno to keep students entertained who were waiting for karaoke. 

“Casino night is a tradition here. I’m enjoying every second,” said psychology major Bree Burris, “The talent is great and it seems like everyone is doing a great job. I hope this event continues to be a tradition in the future years to come.”

Many students enjoyed going to Casino night because it allowed them to dress up and enjoy games usually allowed to people of the age 21 and up. 

The winners of the raffles were announced at midnight.