Stay healthy with selfies

Sonoma State University students are being rewarded for taking selfies. The Campus Rec Center is currently holding a healthy-selfie challenge to promote healthy lifestyles. As most students know, a selfie is photo taken of one’s self. The Campus Rec Center is giving out prizes to students who post selfies of healthy living on Instagram. 

The photos can be of workouts, sports, healthy meals, completing homework or even just taking time for ones self such as reading a book. 

The first winner of the healthy-selfie challenge was a student with impressive weight loss. 

Some of the other winners posted photos of healthy food, hand stands and even a yoga instructor. All of the winners posted photos of healthy lifestyles. 

The photo must have a hashtag of #ssucampusrec and #healthyselfie. A hashtag is a word or a phrase with no spaces that has a hash character in front of it (#). Some also know this character known as a pound sign.   

“It’s a good way to get involved and be healthy while on social networks,” said front desk employee of the Rec Center Brendan Byrne. “The healthy-selfie challenge could be a game changer for health on campus. 

The healthy-selfie challenge started on Nov. 10 and continues until Friday. Prizes are awarded each day for the best picture. 

The daily prizes include T-shirts, bags, drop passes for the inMotion classes and a pass to the upcoming turkey trot event. 

There will also be one grand prize winner. For each photo a student posts to Instagram of a healthy-selfie, the student will have their name put in a drawing for the grand prize. The grand prize winner will win $100 to the Campus Rec Center. 

The Campus Rec Center is throwing this event not just to promote working out and exercising in the building, but to promote an overall healthy lifestyle. 

“It’s always good going hiking outdoors, or doing anything in nature. Just doing anything to better yourself in any way rather than just going to the gym. There are other options,” junior Tyler Evans.

On Thursday morning there were 152 posts with the hashtag ssucampusrec, and 7,564 post with the hashtag healthyselfie. It’s unclear how many posts are from Sonoma State students, but it’s clear the numbers are growing. 

“Its a good way for people to get recognized for their hard work,” said building supervisor of the Campus Rec Center Nick Kemper. 

Along with the many photos uploaded with the ssucampusrec hashtag, The Campus Rec Center has Instagram profile named SSUCAMPUSREC. Photos of the daily winners of the healthy selfie challenge will be shared and posted on the profile. 

Stress Less with the Rec, is a similar event the center will be putting on in the next few weeks. 

It will aim to help students feel less stressed with finals and the holidays approaching.

Questions on the Sonoma State healthy-selfie challenge can be posted on the Campus Rec Center Facebook page. 

For questions on any of the upcoming events, or the Rec Center in general feel free to just walk on in.