Tree lighting coming to Snoopy Arena

Step into the Arena of the family classic “Snoopy” where the theme attracts people of all ages. 

Especially with the holiday season coming closer, the arena provided a lot of fun activities and events to get people into the holiday spirit and enjoy the rink. 

 “I like going because first off I love the Snoopy-themed decorations and it’s a very fun family-orientated environment with cool lighting incorporated with music and fun games like ‘hokey pokey,”’ said senior Cassie Denault. 

A Santa Rosa icon for over 40 years, Snoopy’s Home Ice offered a unique atmosphere for families to enjoy recreational ice-skating and a world-class facility. It supports the goals of local athletes in the sports of ice hockey and figure skating.

 Home to the Warm Puppy Café and Snoopy’s Gallery & Gift Shop, the arena complex is also a popular destination for Peanuts fans from across the globe.

“When I went it was fun and exciting filled with music and lots of people having a good time,” said junior Abby Williams. “Also for beginners like myself I felt encouraged by people working there giving me helpful tips on skating.” 

The arena opened on April 28, 1969 with a gala event starring the 1968 Olympic Gold Medallist Peggy Fleming and the Vince Guaraldi trio. The grand opening was the culmination of almost a year of construction. 

The arena offered lessons to people wanting to learn how to skate or even for those interested in getting more into the sport. 

“I’m so blessed to be able to coach at this beautiful rink and share my passion of skating to my students,” said Skating Instructor Tessa Jacobs.

Snoopy’s Home Ice also does a lot of work for the community through volunteer center’s Secret Santa program. Secret Santa works with and benefits over 100 local non-profits. 

Even if skating is not fun for some there is a café to get warm by the fireplace and watch the entertainment of people attempting to skate.

“I’ve been going to Snoopy Arena ever since I was a little girl and I love the cozy café with the fireplace especially after falling on the ice multiple occasions skating,” said senior Kylie Hartman. 

The café is known for the nice warmth, sitting next to the fireplace enjoying a Peppermint patty hot chocolate. 

After skating, enjoying a meal or a cup of hot chocolate while watching the other ice skaters can be a way to unwind from a day of skating. 

There is also outdoor seating under the shade of umbrellas for those sunny days. Young or just young at heart, there is something for every appetite.

“Every time I go it brings back childhood memories when I use to have my birthday parties there,” said Hartman. 

Every year there is a Tree Lighting Ceremony where people from all around go to enjoy watching the Peanut gang skate around the Christmas tree. 

This year is the 11th annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. The ice skating exhibition will be on Dec. 5 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are required for entry and they can be picked up for free at Snoopy's Home Ice on November 19 starting at noon. Once the tree is lit it remains on the ice for the rest of the Holiday Season.

“I love how every year we have our annual tree lighting put on by skating club which is a great way to get people into the holiday spirit,” said Snoopy Arena Staff Kimmy McIntyre. 

If interested in checking out the arena or enjoying a night of skating go onto where one can see the calendar on events and public skating times.