Life’s no fun without a great pumpkin

That time of year has come and gone again, when costumes are put away in the attic and the witch’s broomsticks go back in the closet.

Students at Sonoma State University had one last chance to get their final Halloween spirit festivities out of their system when Associated Student Productions held their second annual pumpkin-decorating event on Oct. 29 in Darwin Quad.

“We were doing a pumpkin-decorating nooner which [was] free for the students,” said junior Elena Hubbard, creator of this event. “It helps bring out a little Halloween spirit.”

Here students were able to pass through Darwin Quad on their way to class or leaving campus and decorate a pumpkin with crafts. The first 100 people were able to get a free pumpkin, decorate it and bring it back home to share with their friends and family.

“We felt that decorating [a] pumpkin is much quicker than carving for students who are going to or from class,” said Program Coordinator of Associated Students Productions Bruce Berkowitz.

According to Berkowitz, a nooner is held outside of Darwin Quad at noon for events such as this one, along with music or some other type of entertainment.

Nooners are a way for students passing by to be entertained by music and also enjoy a quick activity if they have time. Student musicians, DJs and bands also have an opportunity to perform for people in the quad.

“The students get really into the activities,” said Hubbard.

Many students who were able to get a free pumpkin showed positive interest and used their imagination for their final pumpkin carving of the season.

“Getting a free pumpkin was really great,” said senior Jared Wiltse. “I am going to bring it home and carve it right before Halloween.”

Decorating pumpkins is also another way to bring out the inner childhood of Halloween, no matter what age.

“It is really nice because sometimes when you are away from home, and you do not have your family to carve a pumpkin with, you can come out here,” said Hubbard. “Students can build [a] community with other students by doing it with them.”

As students were decorating their pumpkins with their friends, there were all sorts of jokes, laughter and numerous pumpkins, not one decorated the same.

“My friend and I knew about the event and thought that it was a great way to pass time in-between classes,” said junior Johnna Feneck. “Our pumpkins were amusing and [we] were able to share laughs with each other too.”

Although this year did not involve carving a pumpkin like last year due to class times cutting it close, students did not hesitate to decorate.

“We felt that decorating the pumpkin is much quicker for students who are going to or from class,” said Berkowitz. “That way they would not be late for class or crunched on time.”

As this event seems to be a success and a new tradition for students, there is no doubt that they will get the opportunity to decorate a pumpkin in Darwin Quad again next year.

“I think it is very important to have traditions on campus,” said Hubbard. “It builds campus community and people are going to expect it since it was a great hit.”

Students who get the opportunity to decorate a pumpkin on or off campus can agree that it is a special activity to do with friends and family. Although the Halloween holiday has now passed, the spirits and inner zombie enthusiasts will always be present.