Madness without midnight

Sonoma State University’s Midnight Madness actually ended up finishing around 10:30 p.m. but the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee managed to raise a little Seawolf spirit, along with some charity money during the hour-long pep rally.

The traditional Midnight Madness event was made to commemorate the start of the college basketball season. A large pep rally is held the night before the official start of the season, and ends at midnight. Sonoma State University’s version, however, played out a little differently.

Students started to enter The Wolves’ Den around 9 p.m. and were greeted by a tunnel of Sonoma State University cheerleaders and dancers. The gym was left plain, but a DJ was playing hits all night to keep an upbeat vibe going. Once the bleachers were filled, the host came out to commence the night’s activities.

First and foremost, the Seawolves in attendance were enlightened to the fact that the night was not just for getting excited for basketball season, but for raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well.

All the money earned from the $1 admission price was being donated, along with the money earned from the Sonoma State University merchandise that would be auctioned off throughout the night.

Next, both the men and women’s basketball teams were brought out, starting with the introduction of the freshmen and ending with the admirable seniors. With each announcement of a player, someone of the opposite gender would follow and the two would meet in the middle of the basketball court for a creative rehearsed handshake.

With basketball being the chief sport for the night, it was only right to have the first game played to be “basketball smoochie.” This game called for 10 volunteers from the bleachers to partner up with a Sonoma State University basketball player of the opposite gender.

Once partnered, they had to first work together to hold a basketball between their stomachs. Then, the objective of the game was to work the basketball up between their bodies, without using their hands, until both players can kiss it. It is safe to say this game was what really started getting the crowd excited for the night.

The next teams to be introduced were the men and women’s golf teams. After their introduction, all the players threw a Sonoma State University candy product into the crowd. Every team after them followed suit, and the Seawolves in the stands were practically howling for the free products.

For the second game of the night, 10 more volunteers were called up as tables filled with pies were brought to the court. This game was a solo undertaking, and the objective was to be the first player to find a piece of bubblegum that was hidden in one of the three pies in front of them. 

Once the gum was found, they must show the host they have it and then blow a bubble. While it didn’t take long for the Seawolves to find the gum, attempting to blow a bubble turned out to be quite a challenge. Between all the games and team appearances were auctions of Sonoma State University T-shirts, hats and basketball jerseys.

These items raised a good deal of money for the Make-A-Wish fund, and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee seemed very pleased with how generous all the attendees were. When the softball team was brought out to the court, every single player very generously put a dollar in the five-gallon water jug bank.

The last game of the night was a relay race. One participant from a team of three would dress in large clothing and run down to one side of the court to get spun around 10 times.

They then finished the race by balancing a ball on a spoon in their mouth and carrying it to the other side of the court where they had to drop it into a cup.

Finally to end the night, the men’s basketball team played a scrimmage against themselves. The game as well as the night as a whole ended up being all fun and games since no matter the outcome the Seawolves were victorious.