Black Scholars unite campus spirit

Sonoma State is a place filled with multiple organizations and clubs ranging from Greek life, athletics, rights activists and many volunteer programs. Within these organizations and clubs is one club focused on bettering our community while encouraging students to get involved, known as the Black Scholars United.

Black Scholars United has been around since 1987 and, according to the Sonoma State website, they are an organization that focuses on three main aspects, which include academic excellence, political empowerment and community involvement.

As many students know, last year there was an incident where a Black Scholars United poster was defaced with a racial slur. This created uproar across campus and made students extremely furious to see that this intolerable act was done.

With the support of faculty, staff and students, Black Scholars United held a meeting against discriminatory acts and community empowerment to stop other intolerable acts.

This sparked Black Scholars United’s next project called “Becoming Seawolves United.”

“Our goal with Becoming Seawolves United campaign is to sell one band to every student and with the money we fundraise we hope to bring speakers on campus, like Dr. Cornel West and Mr. Lee Mun Wah,” said Kamryn Rayson, marketing director for Black Scholars United. “We hope to have workshops that help students realize their commonalities and learn to accept the world around them before someone’s experience is tainted by ignorance.”

This new project is aiming to get more students involved as well as having more students’ voices heard. Becoming Seawolves United can be that change that Sonoma State needs and may open the eyes of many.

“It is really important that we give back to the local community and we hope to continue to serve as a bridge between Sonoma State students and the community of Sonoma County,” said Ashley Yarbrough on the Sonoma State website.

Black Scholars United is recognized as an active club on campus and in the community. These students volunteer much of their time outside of Sonoma State such as coaching a basketball team in Santa Rosa and the Redwood Food Bank. 

Clubs like Black Scholars United help students prepare for the future and life after college with workshops and many leadership opportunities. Students are highly encouraged to go out and get involved.

As this new semester starts, Black Scholars United are inspiring students to follow this movement and help them in spreading the word. Everyone is encouraged to buy the bracelets that are being sold for just $1 to support Becoming Seawolves United.

Be prepared to see yellow, green and red bracelets all over campus. Celebrate diversity and encourage others to follow this movement as students become united as Seawolves.