Campus offers variety of jobs

Students usually don’t want to find a part-time job where the hours aren’t ideal, or the commute conflicts with classes, the chance of studying or social time. That’s why students often find great pleasure when they land an on-campus job, especially if they find the opportunity to grow each day is an important factor to the employers.

It can also be beneficial if this new on-campus job can sustain students throughout their college years at Sonoma State. Most students haven’t heard and are not aware of all the great opportunities offered on campus.

Searching for an on-campus job could seem a little intimidating, and in some cases not worthwhile, knowing many other students are looking for a job that they’ll hope to keep all four to five years in school. Most on-campus jobs have proved to be fulfilling and manageable with employers that understand what it’s like to be a student and give the employee a flexible schedule to work with. 

One of the many job opportunities on campus that seem to always be hiring and secure outlets to other jobs is Dining Services. While working with Dining Services students get a wide span of opportunities working in different fields of the dining world.

In Dining Services students may be working in the cafeteria, but now that new Student Center is set to open in November that job description might be going through some exciting new changes.

When working with dining services students could possibly be working at the new Student Center, the Toast, perhaps with the new executive head chef from Food Network, Eric Lee, or even at the Green Music Center.

Dining Services is flexible with a student’s schedule, with enough flexibility to work around a students’ busy life. Dining services is said to be hiring again in late November and early December for the spring semester.

Another opportunity for an on-campus job at SSU is working for the Associated Students. Based out of the Student Union and moving to the new Student Center next month, the Associated Students also offer a wide range of job titles and opportunities. The Associated Students usually do a massive hiring day once every semester, depending on their need of employees.

The AS always try to notify students by sending out a mass notification via email letting students know that they will be having their AS hiring day, which includes the opportunity to be hired for any of their open slots within the AS organizations.

The Associated Students Productions also chooses to hire at this time. The Associated Students Productions are responsible for putting on a wide range of events for the whole student body, including but not restricted to: lectures, comedy shows, spirit events, workshops and free social events.

Join Us in Making Progress (JUMP) also scout on the hiring day to find students who are passionate about volunteer work and making the world, more so Rohnert Park, a better place.

There’s also the box office that also has a wide variety of available jobs such as working at athletic events, ASP events, the Green Music Center events and more. All of these on-campus jobs hire once a semester due to students graduating and leaving SSU, and also due to the increase of students on-campus. There are always available jobs on campus, and when in doubt check Seawolf Jobs, where students can find all the hiring entities on campus.