Lagunitas: The neighborhood brewery

“Beer Speaks. People Mumble.”  This is one of the many known sayings from Lagunitas Brewing Company, a local beer brewery in Petaluma specializing in creative brews and names for beers, such as Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, Little Sumpin’ Wild and Little Sumpin’ Extra. With nine specialty year-round brews and nine seasonal brews, Lagunitas has an assortment of flavors to try. 

Lagunitas was established in 1993 from a home brewery started by Tony Magee on his stovetop in Lagunitas, Calif., and moved to Petaluma in 1994, where they expanded their property in 2012. In April of that year, Lagunitas expanded their company even more by building a taproom and brewery in Chicago, Illinois. During the beginning years of the brewery, Magee was also working another job. 

Magee designed each label himself along with handwriting each recipe from scratch. 

Magee cares about the way his beer taste because they are a reference to him.

“Lagunitas is unlike any other brewery, their motto, ‘Beer Speaks, People Mumble,’ shows how they make sure to brew their beer top-notch so that people know their beer is good quality,” said senior communications major Casey Sears.

Lagunitas also donated beer to many organizations for fundraisers, a current fundraiser going on until Nov. 15, is Beers for Brrs. People can go to Lagunitas and donate warm clothing such as pants, long sleeves and sweatshirts, which goes to Petaluma COTS, Community of the Shelterless, to help the homeless stay warm during the winter. Each person who donates clothing will be invited to a special VIP party hosted by Lagunitas, but the party date is yet to be determined.

With the assortment of brews, the nine beverages that are year-round are: Imperial, Hop Stoopid, Censored, Maximus, Pils, Daytime, Pale Ale, IPA and Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’. The nine seasonal beers are Hairy Eyeball, Brown Shugga’, Little Sumpin’ Wild, Imperial Red, Little Sumpin’ Extra, Nighttime, Undercover Shut-down, Cappuccino Stout and Sucks. 

Lagunitas released a new pale ale on Thursday called Born Yesterday or as Lagunitas calls it a reborn Pale Ale. It’s a light blend that can be found at nine places such as four parts of California, Chicagoland, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Arizona.

“I really enjoy going to Lagunitas because of their around the world beer tastings,” said senior business major Tyler Stetson.

 An around-the-world beer tasting is a flight of 16 different types of beer for $21. Stetson goes to Lagunitas with friends and all of his friends and himself order and share the flights because it has so many of the options of brews that are on the tap. 

“I love working at Lagunitas its more than a job, it’s more like a family,” said Sarah Allegra, an employee at the Schwag Store in Petaluma’s Lagunitas Brewery.

 Lagunitas also has many food options such as more than six appetizers, such as a cheese plate, their house marinated olives, a hummus plate, bacon mac and cheese and much more. Also on their menu Lagunitas has featured salads, sandwiches and desserts. 

“As much as I am not a fan of beer, I always enjoy going to Lagunitas because of the atmosphere, it’s so fun and lively,” said senior business major Katelyn Robb. 

Lagunitas has entertainment on the weekdays and on the weekends. Weekday entertainment starts at 4:30 p.m., while the weekend entertainment starts at 3 p.m. 

Events that are coming up this week are Nov. 5 Tim Farrell, a musician, on Nov. 6 an acoustic guitarist David Grier, on Nov. 7 a bluegrass band Royal Deuces, on Nov. 8 an acoustic duet 77 El Deora and on Nov. 9 Disorderly House Blues will perform.