Student Spotlight: Vanessa Garcia

Finding one’s place at Sonoma State can become a little difficult, especially with all the clubs and organizations to choose from.

For many students who come to Sonoma State, Greek life becomes a place that can be a home away from home and as well as a support system. For junior Vanessa Garcia, her support system lies within her sorority, Lambda Sigma Gamma.

Born to two Mexican immigrants near the Monterey Bay, Garcia hoped to one day be the first person in her family to attend a four-year university.

“My parents have always been very supportive, and I always knew I would go to college someday,” said Garcia. “I wanted to take advantage of all the opportunities my parents never had.”

Garcia’s father became a natural citizen at the age of 15 after coming from Mexico in order to support his family.

“This has given me the drive I [need] to get a degree, not only for the better of my future, but also [to] give back to my parents who gave me everything I have today,” said Garcia.

Coming to Sonoma State as a criminal justice major, Garcia never pictured herself joining a sorority. Lambda Sigma Gamma became that special home that Garcia had been searching for at Sonoma State.

Lambda Sigma Gamma was the first and only multicultural sorority on campus at the time. This instantly sold Garcia and made her want to join the sisterhood. 

Founded in 1986 at Sacramento State University, Lambda Sigma Gamma has been creating bonds and sisterhoods across all of their chapters. According the their website, Lambda Sigma Gamma strives for self-improvement, scholastic excellence, civic responsibility and leadership.

With the tools gained from being a member of Lambda Sigma Gamma, Garcia had the courage to run for the Multicultural Greek Council president, at which she was elected soon after.

“As the Multicultural Greek Council president, I oversee all aspects of the Multicultural Greek Council and I act as the ‘face’ of the Multicultural Greek Council,” said Garcia. “I look for ways to promote Multicultural Greek Council the best way possible.” 

There are six different organizations that make up the Multicultural Greek Council: Lambda Sigma Gamma, Lambda Theta Nu, Kappa Delta Zeta, Sigma Pi Alpha, Sigma Lambda Beta and Sigma Omega Nu.

As the president of Multicultural Greek Council, Garcia helps with promoting multiculturalism at Sonoma State and the Rohnert Park community with multiple events such as the Multicultural Talent Showcase coming up Oct. 24.

Multicultural Greek Council will also be teaming up with the Ballet Folklorico de Sonoma to bring Dia de Los Muertos [Day of the Dead], which will be coming up Oct. 31.   

To Garcia, being a part of a multicultural Greek organization has shaped her into a well-balanced, professional, confident and responsible leader.

“My life has changed so much since I became a part of the organization, and I can’t even imagine where I would be now,” said Garcia. “The women of Lambda Sigma Gamma have taught me the importance of professionalism and have given me the tools I need to be a great leader.”

To say that Garcia’s family is proud of her accomplishments would be an understatement.

This emerging leader has overcome many obstacles, and has helped lead students in a positive direction.