What the hubbub’s all about

Cultivating Vital Communities, an event that took place at the Hub last Wednesday, provided an outlet for discussion among students interested in diversity, cultural connections and social change. 

Those who stopped by were encouraged to enjoy the free pizza and drinks, while getting a chance to share ideas and meet new people.

“A number of clubs have their meetings here, usually cultural clubs and identity based clubs,” said Hub Director Mark Fabionar, who helped organize the event.

In addition to providing space for clubs to meet, the Hub is meant to be a place on campus where anyone can hang out and encounter new ideas while socializing.

“Cultivating Vital Communities brings diverse people together to share their experiences and backgrounds,” said Fabionar. “It also helps figure out how they can come together.”

Fabionar kept the conversation light but productive, and let the students do most of the talking. Some of the many topics discussed included the different eras of feminism, silent discos and the SPOKE! Poetry program planned for later that night.

The gathering was structured more like a casual group discussion than a lecture, and everyone talked freely.

“There are some really good conversations,” said Fabionar, reflecting on the event. “It’s informal but there are also people who are really passionate about issues around social justice, diversity and creativity, all things The Hub finds important.”

The Hub also focuses on leadership development activities, as well as hosting events and programs that range from poetry slams to workshops on social change.

“This is my first time being here,” said student Alicia Lozano, who heard about the event from one of her professors. “It really has a different environment than other places on campus.”

As far as plans for the future, Fabionar and Hub staff members are preparing to move to the new Student Union around Nov. 1, and are excited about the potential attention the new space will bring.

The new Student Union hours will allow for the Hub to be open longer, and being located in the brand new building could bring a lot more foot traffic than the current location.

“It will be a central place and a beautiful place that will be able to continue to build the community,” said Fabionar.

The old Hub is set to turn into a classroom after the move is complete.

The Hub has events planned for the rest of the year, while already having put on three in September, including the monthly SPOKE! Poetry program, Fall Reception, and Civility and Civic Engagement Series: What Does it Mean to be an Ally?

While students can simply walk into the Hub to receive fliers and information, the community has been building an online presence as well.

“We do have a website that is being created right now through the Sonoma State website,” said Fabionar. “It’s not completely live yet but it will be up pretty soon.”  

Until then, any information and updates on upcoming events can be found from stopping by the Hub or visiting the Facebook page at facebook.com/sonoma.thehub.