Restaurant Review: Sushiko

Sushiko is a Japanese restaurant that has a delicious assortment of unique rolls and tasty teriyaki dishes. There are several different entrees -- soups, salads, nigiri, sashimi and even a vegetarian sushi for those who are not fans of fish. 

If an individual is not extremely hungry, there are a variety of small dishes such as honey-soy roasted duck breast and rock shrimp with asparagus tempura. Sushi may not be everyone’s forte, but there is definitely an entrée that anyone can enjoy at this establishment.

The restaurant has a relaxing ambiance accompanied by a warm welcoming staff. The staff members constantly walk through the restaurant asking if customers need anything else and how the food tastes. 

Alena Inshina, Sonoma State University student and Sushiko employee, told the STAR, “I absolutely love it here, and if I have any needs or exams they will work with me. The food is incredible.” 

Not only does the staff relish the food, but the customers too.

 “The food is delicious, and I recommend the spicy tuna,” said customer Derrick Sweet.

The food does not just delight the customers with the exquisite taste, but also with the presentation. Each entrée is decorated in some form, whether it is a soup or a sushi roll. There is even a sushi bar, where customers can see their dinner being made and enjoy the company of the staff. The layout of Sushiko is very spacious -- plenty of seats available for customers. The walls are filled with Japanese art, in addition to a monitor that displays several sushi rolls. 

Even if an individual does not enjoy sushi, they can have another entrée like chicken teriyaki or salmon teriyaki. There are combination meals offered when a customer wants more than one taste at a time. The salmon teriyaki combo comes with salmon, sashimi and a couple pieces of California roll. There are roughly three combinations -- one with chicken, beef or salmon. All the entrees are offered at a reasonable price, and the portions are aplenty as well. 

The entrees are about $10 to $18, and during lunch one has the options of getting a well-priced bento box. For a bento box with two items it is $9.50, and for three items it is $12.50. 

Individuals get to choose what they want in their bento box from a large selection. Some of the items to choose from are a spicy albacore roll, sashimi combo, spicy pork, beef teriyaki, California roll, chicken teriyaki, mixed tempura, ton katsu and many more delectable items. 

During lunch, the prices for the dinner entrees are about $4 to $5 cheaper. Most entrees that one orders come with free miso soup, salad, and a bowl of rice. There is also a children’s menu for ages under 12 and alcoholic beverages for those of legal drinking age such as sake, wine and beer.

Sushiko has only been around for a short time, but it has quickly caught the attention of the people of Rohnert Park. They not take reservations, and sometimes the whole restaurant is filled, but the staff is quick to provide a table for customers waiting. When one leaves the restaurant, a majority of the staff is there to say “goodbye” and “thank you.” The restaurant has many regulars, and it is easy to understand why once one enjoys a meal at Sushiko.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Thursday, and is open all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  For anyone who hasn’t been to this restaurant, it is worth trying out -- especially if they love sushi.