Best Bar: Friars

With the lack of exciting attractions in Rohnert Park, students flock to nearby Cotati every weekend to enjoy the food, drinks and merriment at the best sports/dive bar within walking distance: Friar Tucks Pub.

Thursday evening is the unofficial start of the weekend for a majority of Sonoma State students, so if you want to see the bar pumping and packed full of partying young people, that’s definitely the day to attend.

The menu of appetizers consists of chicken wings, onion rings, chicken strips and garlic fries, all affordable for the college student on financial aid. Speaking of affordable, their massive selection of burgers and sandwiches are also commendable, never breaching $10.

Almost every day there’s a different event happening at the bar, intriguing students to keep coming back. Tuesdays are “BoozeDays,” consisting of both Trivia Night and Beer Pong challenges with gift card and cash prizes. Wednesdays and Saturdays are karaoke nights (Friars’ Idol), presented by Anderson Entertainment. Thursdays are when the Cotati Crawls begin, where students hit up every bar in the Cotati area. Friday nights are Ladies’ Nights, with a DJ playing the latest jams and drink specials for ladies only.

Along with the weekly Cotati Crawl on Thursdays, Friars also has an annual Cotati Crawl Graduation, where participants are awarded a Cotati Crawl diploma they can proudly hang next to their Sonoma State diploma (both equal the same thing, essentially).

Friar Tucks Pub is located at 8201 Old Redwood Hwy in Cotati. It is open every day from 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.