Best Fast Food: In-N-Out

Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter for Finals Week or have a serious case of the drunchies, there’s no better place to get a late-night meal than at the Rohnert Park In-N-Out, Sonoma State students’ favorite fast food restaurant.

“Everyone comes here,” says Megan Sicard, a student who works at In-N-Out. “I’ll see people in dresses from formals, or in their sweats coming from the library. Sometimes the drive-thru will be completely full and the in-store line will be out the door.”

In-N-Out’s menu is small but its flavor is huge. All burgers are served with crisp hand-leafed lettuce, fresh tomatoes, raw onions (which can also be grilled) and a Thousand Island-esque spread — a recipe unchanged since 1948 — all sandwiched between two soft sponge dough buns.

For those who wish to stray from the usual hamburger, cheeseburger or Double-Double, experienced In-N-Outers can order from the iconic “Not-So-Secret Menu.” Options range from Protein Style burgers (a burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun), Animal Style fries (fries topped with cheese, onions and spread), Animal Style burgers (a normal cheeseburger with a mustard-grilled patty, grilled onions and pickles) and — every meat lover’s favorite — the 4x4 (four patties, four slices of cheese).

On April 1, the Huffington Post sparked California-wide excitement when it reported a new “Piggy Style” bacon burger at In-N-Out. Fans were disappointed, however, upon realizing the report was an April Fool’s joke.

But, bacon or no bacon, students still flock to In-N-Out. Senior Dylan Brubaker says he loves it because, unlike other typical fast food restaurants, In-N-Out’s food is much fresher.

“It’s almost like a party when you go late at night,” says Brubaker. “You’re bound to see your friends. It’s a good environment; everyone is really friendly and it’s great customer service.”

Sicard, who has worked at In-N-Out since she was 17 years old, says the company knows how to take care of its employees. Every summer, employees of the Rohnert Park location head to Water World in Concord for a company picnic. 

“When I come into work, I’m excited to be here,” she says. “Everyone is in such a good mood.”

In-N-Out is located on 5145 Redwood Drive and is open Sunday through Thursday from 10:30 a.m. – 1 a.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 a.m.