The biggest ‘Nite’ of the year

Carnival rides, food, henna tattoos, tarot readers, zip lines and tables were only a few of the array of the exciting activities at Big Nite.  Many of Sonoma State students anxiously awaited the arrival of 8 o’clock so Big Nite, Sonoma State University’s biggest school carnival and tabling event of the year, could start. 

Big Nite was split between three separate locations on campus; the Student Center, Parking Lot D, and the campus Rec Center. There were many exciting activities held at each location.  Students were introduced to every club that tabled at Big Nite including the Panhellenic Table, the Rugby Team, Track and Field and a new club on campus, the Beer Tasting Club, among many others.  

Big Nite included an array of food, freebies and music.  As students entered the Student Center, they would have noticed an extravagant smell coming from Weyden and Brewster and Lobo’s.  Samples were being given out in Weyden and Brewster from potential food suppliers, including some healthier options and gluten free types of food. Students had the opportunity to go to our head chef in the kitchens and tell him which food they thought should be added to the menu.  “It was so awesome being able to determine which food we liked and whether we think it should be available to us daily,” Karina Whitehouse, a junior at SSU told me while painting a ceramic pig at W&B.  

Whitehouse thought that the addition of food sampling to Big Nite was much cooler than the last couple years because we haven’t had many things to do other than, “walk around and look at tables.” Being able to try different food types and being a part of the selection process is an amazing way to stay connected to our campus.  If you enjoyed the free samples, go to the cafeteria and let the chefs know you would like it served there. 

Along with many food samples, there was music of all kinds being listened to at Big Nite.  Megan Minturn, a junior at SSU, stated that her favorite part of the night was the “music and the djs because we haven’t had that before.” She felt that having the radio station 101.7 DJ-ing live in front of all the clubs tabling made it feel more upbeat and in the moment than just listening to a playlist through speakers.  

In front of the campus Rec Center, student DJ’s were given the opportunity to showcase themselves to their peers through thirty minutes play sets.  

“I absolutely loved playing for the students and seeing their faces react to the music,” said DJ Pasket, a DJ from Phi Delta Theta.  

Big Nite is amazing because it allows students to have a huge part in the event other than just attending and having a good time.

 The Sonoma State Star had a table at Big Nite and was giving away prizes to people who had put their name in a raffle.  Monica Morales and Savannah Garnkie were two of the students who won t-shirts from the Star’s tabling. Congratulations girls!

Inside the Rec Center there were many different activities going on, including a zip line, a rock climbing wall and bounce house obstacle course. 

“I really enjoyed big night because I made me feel like I could act like a kid again,” said Autumn Nelson, a junior at Sonoma State and a member of Alpha Xi Delta. 

 Many students were really surprised with the addition of so many thrilling amusements to this year’s Big Nite.  Big Nite will always be the one end of summer event that continues to bring all graduating classes together for one last hoorah before classes start and fall takes place.  With many large crowds out Sunday night, it was an amazing start to Sonoma’s fall 2014 semester.