Earth Week showcases sustainability

Over the past week, SSU has organized seven events recognizing the “go green”-themed week including a creek cleanup, a clothing exchange and a sustainability fair. The majority of the events took place in the Darwin Quad and other locations were planned according to the event’s purpose.

Bright and early on April 19, students went to the Santa Rosa Creek Clean-Up where they picked up trash to better the creek’s well-being. Creeks tend to get cluttered with waste products and students were able to clean up all of the trash that pollutes in the water.  April 21 in the Darwin Quad, a man playing a bagpipe brought his own style to introduce Earth Week. The pipes blew the quad up with a musical sound and had most students confused but also appreciative of the spontaneous entertainment. That bagpipe player was part of the Earth Week kick-off on what is also known as “Meatless Mondays.”  

The Earth Day nooner last Tuesday incorporated live student talent along with “Rock the Bike” smoothies.  Rock the Bike smoothies are where you bike yourself a smoothie. The power came from the biker riding the bike to power up the blender to make the fresh beverage.  

Students had the option to plant their own basil or cilantro plant and check out local sustainable groups.  Event-goers could also register their bicycle and receive a free lock and safety light.

On Wednesday the Toward Route Zero College Sustainability Fair took place. Route Zero employee Eric West said, “We are basically doing a showcase of electric vehicles that are more sustainable options than a regular gas-powered car.”  

Route Zero also showcased high-tech electrically-assisted bicycles.  They have a 60-mile range and as the biker pedals the bike will also pedal with it so that the passenger doesn’t have to do as much work.  

“We don’t sell any of this.  We simply show it and say ‘This is out here. Open up your options’,” said West.

This past Thursday was a big day for Earth Week, because of the multiple earth-friendly events going on.  Students had two options: a free yoga class and a clothing exchange. 

People always get sick of clothes really easily and the idea of being able to swap and exchange clothing with others was an innovative idea for recycling clothing through an exchange. Students could also bring an article of clothing and decorate it or make it into a tote bag.

Friday kicked off not only the weekend but also the Garden Party that took place near Cabernet Village. Starting in the middle of the day, the event had free food sampling. The winner of the “#Sustainagramies” contest was also announced in the closing moments of the garden party.  The contest was held through the cell phone app Instagram which contestants used pictures to try and win.  

This event served as one of the last days of Earth Week festivities and celebrated a successful and intelligent series of events.  The Garden Party was followed by the Pepperwood Restoration Project the next day.  From morning through afternoon students who signed up to volunteer online made their way in efforts of the Pepperwood Restoration Project to Santa Rosa County to help better the Earth and practice what Earth Week is all about.  

Earth Week is a grand week to be respected by every human being on Earth.  The human population has done wonders to the home planet over the past century.  It is our job to sustain energy and restore our ecosystem for our home and for future generations.  No one will do it but us.  SSU has done various events this past week to pass along a positive message on living within a healthy and sustained environment.