Friday Night Market ties in the community

Aloud and vivacious crowd of Rohnert Park citizens were all smiles Friday evening at the City Center Plaza for the last Friday Night Market of the year. 

Everyone cheered and some danced to Miss Kitty and the Big Dogs musical performance as they enjoyed great tasting food and drinks.

For five years, the Rohnert Park Friday Night Market and the Party on the Plaza music series have provided the community with healthy fruits and vegetables, great food and entertainment. 

This Farmers Market typically runs from the beginning of June and ends toward the end of August and it is one of the many markets put on throughout Sonoma County during the summer.

The Friday Night Market provides plenty of fruits and vegetables from local farmers and a variety of freshly cooked food, Nellies Oysters, Mary’s Pizza Shack and many others. The most popular stand at the Market is the Killer Baking Company. 

Everyone was waiting in line for a taste of the delicious brownies and fresh homemade ice cream. If the food is not enough to get someone down to the plaza, the alcohol always helps one in the spirit of celebration. Proceeds from the beers and wine go to Rohnert Park City Schools. 

Many kids and parents cheered as they listened along to Miss Kitty and the Big Dogs, a local favorite, who have been performing at many farmers markets and summer concert series’ throughout Sonoma County. 

They are known for their lively 40s and 50s inspired eclectic style music, which ranges from: blues, jazz and rockabilly. Another well-known teen by the name of Cassidy performed two songs, which she wrote herself. 

One was called “Goodbye”, a song that was fitting to the ending of the Friday night market. Cassidy has been performing at the Farmers Market for about four years and her music style has dubbed her the local Taylor Swift. 

A local martial arts school, Kuk Sool Won, from Rohnert Park also did a great demonstration of the skills they have acquired throughout their training, which included a fake fight and wood board breaking to demonstrate the many skills that anyone can acquire through their training.

One Rohnert Park resident, Claire, stated that she has been coming to the market for a few years now because it is a great place to bring the family and meet up with other friends and their families. 

The Rohnert Park Farmers Market strives to be family friendly, but most importantly kid friendly, with a variety of craft tables.

The Friday Night Farmers Market is simply a place for anyone to spend time with friends and have a good time while having great food. 

For those tired of eating processed foods and in dire need for some freshly picked vegetables, then the Market is the place to be.

Unfortunately the Market has come to a close for the 2014 year, but will be back in August 2015.