New beer club on campus

Students at Sonoma State University have the opportunity to learn about the culture of beer and wine because of the location and environment of the campus. The club Beer Enthusiasts Society of Tasting (BEST SSU) was created for the students that are interested in learning more about beer and its background. 

The club meets on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. in the Bennett Valley Room in the Student Center. 

“The club will focus on exploring beer culture and community. We seek to improve our knowledge of beer craft and to enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts,” said Sara Farrell the president of BEST SSU.  

Farrell created BEST SSU so that people can have a deeper appreciation for the art of brewing beer and how to drink responsibly. 

“We are a great group of people who enjoy a good beer and each other’s company,” said Farrell. 

Being the club’s first year on campus they only have around 20 members but are looking to expand. The club plans to bring different breweries to campus to do tastings and going to breweries that cannot visit campus.

The club allows members of all ages, but anyone who is drinking has to provide a copy of their license, stating that the student is of legal drinking age, and required to take an Alcohol Awareness class.  

As a part of being an alcohol club, BEST SSU has hopes of alerting students on how to be aware of how much alcohol is being consumed and also safety through alcohol education. 

The fee to join the club is $20 for the semester which includes all the beer tasting fees.  The club has its first tasting at Dempsey’s Brewery in Petaluma on Wednesday. At this tasting, club members will taste beer, eat dinner and drink one of Dempsey’s premium beers.  

“I wish I could join this club, I know for a fact my boyfriend would be so jealous because I would be tasting beer and he would be tasting dirt,” said senior Katelyn Robb.  “If my class and work schedule didn’t conflict with the meetings and the tastings I would totally be in this club.”  

While the club is hoping for more students to take interest in learning about the history and making of beer, Farrell told the STAR that tasting spots are limited and in order for people to have a reserved spot they must email her because some of the breweries have smaller tasting rooms.  

BEST SSU encourages students of all ages to join their club since the club embraces the education of beer and alcohol awareness.